Nelida Lopez

Nelida Lopez

Where is Nelda Lopez (Whisper) (1993) of MI Voda Luca now? ۔

Hello, I saw the movie MI Veda Luca / My Crazy Life (1993) and I became a hive that invests heavily in the sound and beauty of Nelida Lopez (Nelida Lopez) (Waspir).

Do any of you know what it is today? Still alive Do you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anything? I am very curious about his life, many years after the film was made.

He's one of the (many / few) real people in the Ec Park gang and he works his way up in the movie, so maybe he's having trouble, I don't know, no.

Or you can help me capture it, but that's fine!

Check out Wikipedia for updates on your life.

Whisper my crazy life

Nelida Lopez