Negotiating Table

Negotiating Table,

Definition of Negotiating Table:

  1. Describe the formal conversation in which you tried to reach an agreement.

Literal Meanings of Negotiating Table


Meanings of Negotiating:
  1. Earn or upgrade through discussion.

  2. Finding a way through or through (obstacles or difficult paths)

  3. Transfer the authorized property (checks, receipts or other documents) of another person to whom the services are entitled.

Sentences of Negotiating
  1. Discuss new agreements with sellers

  2. He carefully made his way through the fast current

  3. When the beneficiary is transferred or the invoice is discussed, he or she is usually asked to confirm it.

Synonyms of Negotiating

work out, thrash out, pass over, make it round, come to terms about, reach an agreement on, hammer out, make it past, cross, agree on, get round, reach terms on, make it over, get over, make one's way over, broker, clear, make one's way round, get past, arrange, make one's way past


Meanings of Table:
  1. A flat top and one or more legged wardrobe that provides a flat surface on which items can be placed and used for eating, writing, working or playing.

  2. A series of facts or images that appear specifically in columns.

  3. Vertical flat surface, usually rectangular.

  4. Exam delay.

  5. Attend the meeting formally for discussion or review.

Sentences of Table
  1. He placed the plate on the table

  2. Table 1 shows the population growing

  3. I want this topic closed in the coming months.

  4. The Member of Parliament introduced amendments in the Bill

Synonyms of Table

hold over, hold in abeyance, put in abeyance, do later, shelve, postpone, reschedule, mothball, bench, counter, surface, work surface, air, defer, desk, workbench, submit, chart, graph, stand, delay