Negligent Referral

Negligent Referral,

How Do You Define Negligent Referral?

  • Negligent Referral means: Legal action against professionals who, due to negligence, transferred the client / patient to another professional. Negligence referral complaints are usually made when a professional client / patient is referred to a more specialized physician who then commits a mistake or error that harms the applicants. For example, if a family doctor consults a patient with a surgeon who injured him or her during surgery, the patient may claim that the family doctor ignored the surgeon's advice. Professional Compensation Insurance usually covers negligent damages claims when verified by a professional who refers the client / patient to another professional.

Literal Meanings of Negligent Referral


Meanings of Negligent:
  1. Be careful not to do anything.

Sentences of Negligent
  1. The directors were negligent in performing their duties

Synonyms of Negligent

inattentive, forgetful, thoughtless, careless, unmindful, heedless, irresponsible, failing to take proper care, lax, neglectful, remiss


Meanings of Referral:
  1. The act of firing someone or someone for further advice, review or action.

Sentences of Referral
  1. Peters and Wade reviewed 2,038 conversions in the Auckland Judicial Licensing Service in two years.

Synonyms of Referral

passing on, transfer, redirection, referral