Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing,

What Does Negative Gearing Mean?

  • Negative Gearing can be defined as, Negative debt is a common practice when investing in real estate. It is a form of financial gain that allows you to buy an income-generating asset such as a home. Rental income is not enough, for example, to cover short-term debt payments, maintenance, interest or property degradation. Ideally, the asset ceases to generate enough money to cover these costs. The reason buyers use negative gear is that short-term losses can benefit the owner's tax bill in some cases.

    • Negative debt is a type of financial property that is commonly seen in relation to immovable investments.
    • Negative debt security is an asset that does not earn enough to cover its expenses.
    • The investor who makes a negative profit expects to have short-term tax benefits and the asset can be sold at a higher price to cover the initial loss.
    • Negative debt becomes a profitable business only when the property is sold.

Literal Meanings of Negative Gearing


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Meanings of Gearing:
  1. Set or arrangement of gears in a machine.

  2. The relationship between a company's debt (debt) and its common share (equity) collateral.

Sentences of Gearing
  1. Endurance internal water wells and grinding equipment

  2. The company expects the debt ratio to increase by 20%