Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback,

What is The Definition of Negative Feedback?

Negative Feedback means, Negative feedback in financial markets results in anti-investment sentiment. An investor using a negative feedback strategy will buy shares when the price rises and the shares are sold after the price rises, which is the opposite of what most people do. Negative comments help the market to fluctuate less. On the other hand, positive feedback comes when the herd mentality pushes the price up and down.

Literal Meanings of Negative Feedback


Meanings of Negative:
  1. Disagreeing, disapproving or dissenting words or statements.

  2. Specially designed film or photographic images recorded on glass and inverted light and shadows or show their true color values ​​and from which a positive impression can be obtained.

  3. The results of tests or experiments that show that no particular substance is present or that no particular condition is present.

  4. The part of the circuit that has less electrical potential than other parts is known as zero electrical potential.

  5. Number less than zero.

  6. Construction or its features due to the absence or absence of specific features.

  7. (Unwanted or optimistic person, attitude or situation).

  8. Less than zero to subtract from (some number) another or zero.

  9. D, which contains the type of electrical charge by electrons, creates or identifies it.

Sentences of Negative
  1. He answered in the negative

  2. Photos and negatives must be provided for expansion.

  3. The percentage of false-negative results from cancer tests is very important.

  4. The problem with trying to think of zero and negative as numbers is, in fact, how they work mathematically, in addition, in terms of subtraction, multiplication and division.

  5. The new tax has had a devastating effect on car sales.

  6. The Arabs were unaware of the progress of the Hindus and therefore had no negative numbers or abbreviations for their foreigners.

  7. Each electron has a negative charge and has the same number of electron protons, so the atom as a whole is electrically neutral.

  8. A monk draws a picture of perfect negation. Do you want us to do that?

  9. The project was rejected by 130 votes to 129

  10. Does criminal law allow negative consent for a crime?

Synonyms of Negative

nullify, pessimistic, gloom-ridden, fatalistic, neutralize, antipathetic, say ‘no’ to, render ineffective, uncooperative, refusal, anti, dismissive, refuse, reject, cynical, obstructive, gloomy, counteract, veto, bleak, turn down, negate, squash, no, rejection, defeatist, cancel out


Meanings of Feedback:
  1. Information about the reaction to a product, the performance of a work by a person, etc. It serves as the basis for improvement.

  2. The hustle and bustle that results will return a small portion of the output signal from an amplifier, microphone or other device to the input of the same device.

  3. Control by modifying a process or system or its consequences or effects, for example, through biochemicals or behaviors.

Sentences of Feedback
  1. In the process, we received valuable feedback

  2. Punk Rock Girl opened the album with lots of guitar comments

  3. These internal forces are the result of the opinion of the climate system.

Synonyms of Feedback


Negative Feedback,

How To Define Negative Feedback?

  1. You can define Negative Feedback as, Slar Clarine is a fact checker and personal finance professional with extensive experience, including veterinary technology and film production.

    • Negative feedback, or negative feedback loop, is a self-sustaining downward spiral in which the initial negative event is amplified by this behavior and further aggravated by the resulting behavior.
    • In times of financial crisis, there is a sense of panic and fear that the market will continue to push stocks down.
    • Investors who use negative feedback strategies buy stocks when they fall and sell when they rise.

Literal Meanings of Negative Feedback


Meanings of Negative:
  1. Containing or characterizing an absence rather than the presence of a distinctive feature.

  2. (Collection) is less than zero.

  3. Containing, generating or identifying the type of electrical charge by electrons.

  4. Showing highlights (of photographic images) and inverted colors of shadows or originals.

  5. In connection with or designating any land or water symbol that is deemed inactive.

  6. Nominate the relevant (within Parliament) or any bill that comes into force after a certain period of time, unless it is explicitly rejected in a parliamentary vote.

  7. Specially designed film or image of negative photography on glass, which can give a positive impression.

  8. The result of a test or experiment that shows whether a particular substance or condition exists.

  9. The part of the circuit that has less electrical potential than the other parts is called zero electrical potential.

  10. Numbers that are less than zero.

  11. Disable neutralization.

Sentences of Negative
  1. The new tax has had a negative effect on car sales.

  2. The rate of false negative results in cancer tests is alarming.

  3. The bill was rejected by 130 votes to 129 in the second reading.

  4. Should criminal law allow refusal to consent to what the crime should be?

Synonyms of Negative

give the red light to, bad, unfavourable, apathetic, dissension, counterbalance, damaging, contradiction, uninterested, adverse, unresponsive, disadvantageous, unfortunate, detrimental, unenthusiastic, denial, harmful, equalize, cool, balance out


Meanings of Feedback:
  1. Information about a product response, a person's performance on a task, etc., which can be used as a basis for improvement.

  2. A crack or we that results from a small portion of the output signal from an amplifier, microphone, or other device returning to the input of the same device.

  3. Modification or control of processes or systems through their consequences or effects, for example, on biochemical metabolic pathways or behavior reactions.

Sentences of Feedback
  1. We received valuable feedback during this process.

  2. Punk Rock Girl opened the album with a lot of guitar returns.

Synonyms of Feedback

evaluation, commentary, view, comment, rating, reaction, opinion, note, judgement, comeback, interpretation, analysis, report, estimation, assessment, criticism, study, critique, observation