Negative Assurance

Negative Assurance,

How Do You Define Negative Assurance?

  • The definition of Negative Assurance is: Negative Assurance The auditor is determined that a particular case is considered true because no conflicting evidence has been found against it. Accountants often use negative assurances in situations where the accuracy of financial statements cannot be positively verified. The purpose of a negative guarantee is to verify that no evidence of fraud has been found or that legal accounting practices have been violated.

    • Negative assurances The auditor confirms that some facts are correct because there is no evidence to the contrary.
    • If the positive guarantee is not valid, a negative guarantee is used.
    • The purpose of the Negative Guarantee is to ensure that no fraud or breach is detected.
    • Negative assurances do not mean that no illegal activity took place, but that the auditor found no instance of illegal activity.

  • A simple definition of Negative Assurance is: Restricted Procedures A report released by an accountant states that the accountant has not been told anything, indicating that financial information has not been presented properly.

Literal Meanings of Negative Assurance


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Sentences of Negative
  1. He answered in the negative

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Meanings of Assurance:
  1. A positive statement in which a promise must be trusted.

  2. Confidence or belief in one's abilities.

  3. Insurance, especially life insurance

Sentences of Assurance
  1. Assured that work will not resume until Wednesday

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  3. After a smooth start to the year, the number of employees in the insurance, insurance and insurance insurance sectors increased significantly this month.

Synonyms of Assurance

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