Nee Chan

Nee Chan

What does Ni Chen mean? ۔

I say this prayer in a cartoon.

oneechan, (oneesan), (oneesama), (neechan)

When used as a file, oneechan can be used to target an older sister or a younger woman (older than you) who you do not know.

I'm sure Nichen literally means sister, tug. For example, Naruto will call you unique even after meeting you.

The sources listed contain information at the end of many common names in the Anisi language.


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What does Ni Chen mean?

I use this phrase in cartoons.

n Chane Chan literally means congenital Chan and gives its first name. No, you can say Chan first.

This is the feminine form of the past part of the French word naï®tre (to be born), so he was born, meaning he was born.

Asian moss.

I don't know if it answers your question, but Ni Ben was born.

For example, if you look in a newspaper with a person's name and Mrs. Ellis Brown says it. (nee Jones) which means he is married, his first name is Jones.

A married woman whose last name is still single is Chen.

I need Chen ... take it

Nee Chan