Definition of Necessity:

  1. The fact is that they are necessary or very important.

  2. Something very important.

  3. Economy: Goods or services (such as food, water, medical care), the consumption of which is essential for human survival or which is considered essential for maintaining the quality of life.

  4. The principle of something based on logic or natural laws.

  5. Law: A situation in which implementation is required. Legal defense can be effective if the damage or minor injury is due to the need to prevent further injury or injury and if appropriate action is taken under the circumstances.

Synonyms of Necessity

Irrevocability, Preordination, Pauperization, Prerequisite, Definiteness, Basic, Necessary, Must, Inevitableness, Need for, Bare cupboard, Infallibilism, Inflexibility, Requirement, Inerrancy, Certitude, Predetermination, Positiveness, Neediness, Bare necessities, Essential, Indispensable, Hand-to-mouth existence, Assurance, Compulsion, Obligation, Need, Must item, Duress, Essential, Prerequisite, Truth, Force majeure, Coercion, Unpreventability, Foredestiny, Necessaries, Call for, Determinacy, Unyieldingness, Deprivation, Demand, Lack, Exigency, Desideratum, Inevitability, Needfulness, Bare subsistence, Requisite, Basic, Fundamental, Determinateness, Sine qua non, Desideration, Univocity, Certainty, Vis major, Necessities, Homelessness, Unavoidable casualty, Dead certainty, Fatefulness, Indispensable item, Pauperism, Mendicancy, Absolute certainty, Inevasibleness, Want, Prescience, Inexorability, Forcing, Grinding poverty, Certainness, Privation, Destitution, Requisiteness, Condition, Impoverishment, Nonambiguity, Requisite, Indispensableness, Gripe, Moneylessness, Inevitable accident, Requisite, Unequivocalness, Essential requirement, Foreknowledge, Relentlessness, Requisition, The necessary, Unavoidableness, Noncontingency, Prerequirement, Foreordination, Absoluteness, Surety, Necessary, Necessitousness, Penury, Indefeasibility, Assuredness, Inerrability, Beggary, Cause, Pinch, Infallibility, The needful, Foregone conclusion, Enforcement, Ineluctability, Predestination, Proved fact, Essential requirement, Indispensable item, Sureness, Decree, Occasion, Probatum, Indispensable thing, Indispensable thing, Indigence, Fate, Demand for, Obligement, Call, Essential, Essentials, Undeflectability, Coaction, Empty purse, Uncontrollability, Irresistibility, Certain knowledge, Beggarliness, Unmistakableness, Restraint, Compulsiveness, Prerequisite, Constraint, Act of God, Fundamental, Unambiguity, Inescapableness

How to use Necessity in a sentence?

  1. We identified the purchase as a necessity, as the quality of our offer would suffer greatly without new offers.
  2. People need to breathe, because they cannot live without oxygen.
  3. A good book is a must while traveling.
  4. The need to advise parents should be clear.
  5. Often, it is necessary to change your business if things do not go as planned.
  6. However, since the concept of reason is a necessary condition for the possibility of reasonable empirical information, Newton's laws must share this need.

Meaning of Necessity & Necessity Definition