Definition of Necessities:

  1. The principle of something based on logic or natural laws.

  2. Usually a naked thing to live or to survive, or to maintain a minimum standard of living.

  3. State or facts required.

  4. Something very important.

Synonyms of Necessities

Fundamental, Necessary, Indispensable thing, Essential, Prerequisite, Essential requirement, Prerequisite, Requisite, Basic, Basic, Indispensable item, Necessary, Indispensable item, Essential, Fundamental, Requisite, Essential requirement, Indispensable thing

How to use Necessities in a sentence?

  1. However, since the concept of reason is a necessary condition for the possibility of reasonable empirical information, Newton's laws must share this need.
  2. My family and I planned a trip to Hawaii, so we packed everything we needed for the trip.
  3. Because of the need in the area, we chose this location as the ideal location for our new warehouse.
  4. A good book is a must while traveling.
  5. You need to advise parents.
  6. Many people in this world have no basic needs because big companies and big capital have assets that are not evenly distributed.

Meaning of Necessities & Necessities Definition