Near miss

Near miss,

Definition of Near miss:

  1. Potentially significant event that did not occur due to prevailing conditions, but could have resulted from a sequence of events that did occur.

  2. A bomb or shot that just misses its target.

  3. A narrowly avoided collision or other accident.

Synonyms of Near miss

Close call, Close shave, Close squeak, Collision, Collision course, Confrontation, Crack-up, Crash, Encounter, Error, Hairbreadth escape, Joining, Meeting, Miss, Mistake, Narrow escape, Narrow squeak, Near go, Near miss, Near thing, Rencontre, Slip, Slipup, Tight squeeze, Close thing, Near thing, Narrow escape, Close call, Nasty moment

How to use Near miss in a sentence?

  1. Our business strategy was a near miss , but it worked and our sales went up a lot and gave us a lot of confidence.
  2. She had a near miss when her horse was nearly sucked into a dike.
  3. Joseph considered his losses on the Stock Market to be a near miss , but his business partner did not see how he had had any chance in the first place.
  4. He had escaped more than twenty near misses.
  5. The disaster was officially classified as a near miss for our company so we now have checks in place to be sure it cannot happen.

Meaning of Near miss & Near miss Definition