Navy Seal Vision Requirements

Navy Seal Vision Requirements

What are the visual requirements for Navy Sales? 3

I plan to go to the Navy and maybe a seal, but I have contacts. I have vision problems, but I want to know what the vision requirements are.

This is the answer of a current Navy recruiter ... 20 / This is not the most important factor to fix it. The vision problem that kept men out of the SEAL race was color (perception of depth may also be a limiting factor). And the real way to find out if you are eligible is to talk to a recruiter, get an ASVAB, and go to MEPS for an investigation. You should do a good job on ASVAB.

And remember, you can't immediately add SEAL to your contract. You must qualify for it. If you meet the medical, mental and physical qualifications for this, you should choose another job (non-cell) when talking to candidates, and other people work during its Navy Admission Program (DEP). If you go to boot camp you can accept SEAL PST. (Default test). This includes crunches, setup, 500m swimming, crunches and two mile races. Once you meet the requirements, your recruiter will submit a job transfer application to SEALs.

Also note that if you do not take the pre-qualification test during the boot camp dispatch, you can voluntarily check the sales at the boot camp as well as the active service.

FC2 Jordan (Navy Recruiter)

Sea seal sight requirements

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What are the visibility requirements for Navy Sales?

I'm thinking of going to the Navy and maybe a seal, but I wear contact lenses. I have vision problems, but I want to know what the vision requirements are.

Talk to the annual maker. Navy SEALs get only the best.

SEALs are required to perform a variety of tasks, which require high vision. SEAL candidates may be eligible for PRK refractive surgery to correct their vision. For more information on the PRK guidelines, visit the ED PRK Refractive Surgery website Visual Impairment: Improper vision in each eye more than 20/200 Should not be Both eyes should be within 20/20. Adjust

Navy Seal Vision Requirements