Navigational Search Query

Navigational Search Query

Search to find a specific website or webpage. While these search terms generate a lot of volume, they are not a good opportunity for paid SEO searches because the searcher's intent is already determined.

Literal Meanings of Navigational Search Query


Meanings of Navigational:
  1. Navigation related.


Meanings of Query:
  1. One question, one poll (US), one poll (UK).

  2. The instructions have been sent to the database.

  3. Question or question.

  4. Pass a series of statements to the database to extract information from it.

  5. How to send a private message (to an IRC user).

  6. Send a petition.

Sentences of Query
  1. The teacher answered the student's question about biosynthesis.

  2. The database administrator has enabled query logging for debugging purposes.

Navigational Search Query