Natural rights

Natural rights,

Definition of Natural rights:

  1. Property law: Rights that automatically accrue to a land owner, such as the right to enjoy the owned piece of land (including trees and fruits on it, and water flowing through it) in peace and without interference. See also natural justice and natural law.

  2. General: Fundamental human rights based on universal natural law, as opposed to those based on man-made positive law. Although there is no unanimity as to which right is natural and which is not, the widely held view is that nature endows every human (without any distinction of time or space, and without any regard to age, gender, nationality, or race) with certain inalienable rights (such as the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness) which cannot be abrogated or interfered with by any government. And that, whether or not these rights are enshrined in a national legal code, no government is lawful if it fails to upholds them. See also human rights.

How to use Natural rights in a sentence?

  1. Many people feel that deporting undocumented immigrants is a gross violation of their natural rights and shouldnt be an acceptable practice by the government.
  2. Our natural rights as human beings include being treated fairly regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation.
  3. The philosopher John Locke defined the natural rights every person should have as the rights to life, liberty, and property.

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