Natural justice

Natural justice,

Definition of Natural justice:

  1. English legal system doctrine that protects against arbitrary exercise of power by ensuring fair play. Natural justice is based on two fundamental rules: (1) Audi alteram partem (Latin for, hear the other side): no accused, or a person directly affected by a decision, shall be condemned unless given full chance to prepare and submit his or her case and rebuttal to the opposing partys arguments; (2) Nemo judex in causa sua (Latin for, no man a judge in his own case): no decision is valid if it was influenced by any financial consideration or other interest or bias of the decision maker. These principles apply to decisions of all governmental agencies and tribunals, and judgments of all courts, which may be declared to be of having no effect (ultra vires) if found in contravention of natural justice. See also natural law and natural rights.

  2. Principles, procedures, or treatment felt instinctively to be morally right and fair.

How to use Natural justice in a sentence?

  1. This bill is a breach of natural justice.

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