Natsu Dragon Force

Natsu Dragon Force

When will Natsu join the Dragon Force? 3

Does anyone who reads the manga know when Hell will enter Dragon Force mode? I'm the latest with anime.

(Based on the manga) I think the last time he did Dragon Force was when he fought Z for Orion Sis.

Right now I'm not watching Nitsu's story using the power of the kite. By the way, since you are up to date with the anime version, Natsu will fight those who use dragon powers. I will not meet very well. Use the next episode: Guilds of Curriculum vitae to find out which w is the strongest. She sheds tears while reading the manga. XD

Natsu Dragon Power

Maybe, but I don't know ... Sting said they have only a third generation of dragon force.

For the first time he combined Dragon Power and defeated Jail / Gerard .....

He kicked the second time when he hit Z .....

Then enter the burning kite environment to defeat the other Hades / Master Ferry Tail and try it once again ...

Natsu Dragon Force