Definition of National:

  1. About the same nation or characteristics of the whole nation.

  2. Refers to a specific whole country.

  3. Citizens of some countries are generally entitled to a passport from that country.

  4. National competitions or tournaments.

Synonyms of National

Country-wide, Patriotic, All-comprehending, Heaven-wide, Federal, Civic, All-covering, Public, Nationalist, Phylogenetic, Allover, Intestine, All-pervading, State, Catholic, Common, Ecumenic, Ethnic, Racial, Hyphenated American, Tribal, General, Governmental, Nonnative citizen, Global, All-encompassing, Cosmopolite, Immigrant, Chauvinistic, All-embracing, Total, Native, Supranational, Subject, Universal, Inland, Jingoistic, Naturalized citizen, Public, Metic, Internal, Civil, Totemic, All-comprehensive, Home, Gentilic, Popular, Nondenominational, Inhabitant, State, Cosmopolitan, Citizen, Inhabitant, Governmental, Phyletic, Clannish, Social, Hyphenate, All-including, Nationalistic, Lineal, Federal, Resident, Municipal, World-wide, Citizen by adoption, Planetary, Nonsectarian, Genetic, International, Citizen, Galactic, Resident, Family, All-inclusive, Subject, Societal, Communal, Gentile, All-filling, Native

How to use National in a sentence?

  1. German citizen
  2. This policy may be in the national interest.

Meaning of National & National Definition

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