National Market System (NMS)

National Market System (NMS),

National Market System (NMS):

  1. National Market System (NMS) means, The National Market System (SNM) promotes open market transparency, regulating how all major exchanges reflect and conduct business. It is a stock trading and order execution system in the United States that includes the functions of trading, deleting, storing and distributing referrals. NMS manages all government exchange activity in the United States and the Nasdaq market.

    • The National Market System (SNM) promotes transparency in the free market, regulating how all major exchanges reflect and conduct business.
    • To facilitate equitable dissemination of information, lids, NMSs need to be changed so that bids and offers are available and visible to individual and institutional investors.
    • In 2005, the SEC launched the National Market Regulatory System (RIGNMS) to strengthen NMS and adapt to technological changes.

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