National Magazine Exchange

National Magazine Exchange

What is the National Magazine Exchange? 3

You sent me this letter:

Love (my name):

The magazine you ordered through the National Magazine Exchange has been processed. However, we did not receive the payment you expected.

To update your account and keep your balance current, you'll need to return a check or money order for the amount owed in the envelope. If we do not receive the payment within the stipulated time, a فیس 5.00 late payment fee will be added to your account and your account will be transferred to an external collection agency for all depositing transactions. Will

Who are these people? I never asked for a magazine !!!

All I can do is cool. "I owe $ 268.32 for some of the magazines I didn't order," he said. I received this in the mail on October 20, stating that I owe .0 67.08 on October 23. !!!!!

Is the direction

National Magazine Bag

PO Box 9083

Claire Water, Florida 33758

You look fake. Everything you need to know can be found with a quick Google search:


They claim that you don't have to shop to be LOL!

Report to your state attorney general in Clarewater, Florida. Also Federal Office of Economics and Consumer Protection 877 without fraud (5566226)

National Magazine Exchange

National Magazine Exchange

I have a subscription to the magazine through it. I would just like to call and say that you have never ordered anything and ask if they have your address.

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National Magazine Exchange