National insurance

National insurance,

Definition of National insurance:

  1. (in the UK) the system of compulsory payments by employees and employers to provide state assistance for people who are sick, unemployed, or retired.

  2. Government operated social security scheme that provides income loss, maternity, and sickness benefits, and retirement pension, to the working population. National insurance is funded by regular contributions (based on wage or salary level) by both employees and employers, and by government through taxation.

How to use National insurance in a sentence?

  1. They, in turn, now receive pensions funded by the National Insurance contributions of their children.

Meaning of National insurance & National insurance Definition

National Insurance,

What Does National Insurance Mean?

  1. You can define National Insurance as, (NI) In the UK, government support from employers and workers who pay the sick, retired and unemployed

  2. National Insurance definition is: Social security is a type of tax that is currently paid to all workers for benefits, including state pensions.

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Meanings of National:
  1. Citizens of some countries who are generally eligible for a passport for that country.

  2. National competitions or tournaments.

  3. About the same nation or characteristics of the whole nation.

Sentences of National
  1. A German citizen

  2. This policy may be in the national interest

Synonyms of National

state, resident, native, federal, governmental, subject, inhabitant, citizen, public


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. Processes or agreements used by companies or government agencies to guarantee compensation for certain losses, injuries, illnesses or deaths in return for payment of premiums.

  2. Something to avoid the possibility.

Synonyms of Insurance

defence, safeguard, immunity, indemnification, provision, cover, shelter, security, protection, safety measure, precaution, surety, financial protection, indemnity, preventive measure