National Brokers

National Brokers,

National Brokers Definition:

  1. National Brokers means, Work against regional brokers operating locally. National brokers often specialize in one type of insurance rather than specializing in various sectors of the insurance market. Their customers are usually legal entities.

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Meanings of National:
  1. Citizens of some countries who are generally eligible to have a passport of that country

  2. National competition or tournament.

  3. It refers to a characteristic of an ordinary nation or an entire nation.

Sentences of National
  1. A German citizen

  2. This policy may be in the national interest

Synonyms of National

state, resident, native, federal, subject, inhabitant, public, governmental, citizen


Meanings of Brokers:
  1. Organize or negotiate (agreement)

  2. Individuals who buy and sell goods or assets to third parties.

Sentences of Brokers
  1. Fighting continues despite attempts to negotiate war

  2. Central lenders operate through brokers.

Synonyms of Brokers

dealer, arrange, clinch, hammer out, orchestrate, contract, work out, bring off, broker-dealer, settle, organize, thrash out, agent, bring about, pull off, negotiator, trafficker