Nash Equilibrium

Nash Equilibrium,

Nash Equilibrium Definition:

  • Meaning of Nash Equilibrium: Nash is a concept of balance game theory in which the maximum outcome of a game is not encouraging to deviate from the original strategy. In particular, Nash is a concept of balance game theory in which the ideal outcome of a game is one in which no player agrees to deviate from the chosen strategy after considering the choice of opponents.

    • Nash Balance is a decision game theory that states that a player can achieve the desired result without deviating from the original strategy.
    • In Nash Balance, when other players' decisions are taken into account, each player's strategy is maximized. Every player wins because everyone gets the desired results.
    • Prisoner is a general example of the dubious game theory that appropriately highlights the Nash balance effect.

Literal Meanings of Nash Equilibrium


Meanings of Equilibrium:
  1. A state in which opposing forces or effects are in balance.

  2. Physical balance

  3. Peace of mind

  4. A condition in which the process and its reverse occur at the same rate, so that no general change occurs.

  5. A situation in which supply and demand are equal and prices stabilize.

Sentences of Equilibrium
  1. A dynamic and almost balanced balance between opposing forces seems to be the hallmark of this situation.

  2. The incompetence of PSI is based on the notion that the effect of PSI is a dynamic or fluctuating balance between opposing forces.

  3. This analysis shows that the African population is close to the balance between mutation and the power of genetic growth.

  4. Therefore, balanced opinion is that which balances the opposing point of view and balances one set of views with another.

  5. This requires a stable balance between free and bonded LOC oils so that these oils can be transported.

  6. Stable balance between binding lubricant and free lubricant, however, favors free form.

  7. The two forces that seek balance are gravity and the pressure of the fluid around you.

Synonyms of Equilibrium

symmetry, equipoise, parity, equality, evenness, calmness, calm, equanimity, collectedness, sangfroid, coolness