Nasdaq Global Select Market Composite

Nasdaq Global Select Market Composite,

Definition of Nasdaq Global Select Market Composite:

The Nasdaq Global Preferred Market Composite is a weighted market capitalization index consisting of US and international equities that represents the Nasdaq Global Preferred Market. As of August 2020, Nasdaq Global Select Market Composite will have more than 1,400 shares that meet Nasdaq's strict financial and liquidity requirements and corporate governance standards.

  • The Nasdaq Global Preferential Market Composite is a market capitalization index weighing approximately 1,400 shares, representing the Nasdaq Global Preferential Market.
  • The Nasdaq consists of three different levels: the Nasdaq Global Preferential Market, the Nasdaq Global Market and the Nasdaq Capital Market.
  • The global preferred market is different from the global market because it is more specialized and needs to meet strict financial and liquidity requirements.
  • At the capital market level, companies meet less stringent requirements and have lower market capitalization than the other two levels.

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