Nasdaq 100 Index

Nasdaq 100 Index,

What is Nasdaq 100 Index?

  1. The Nasdaq 100 Index is a list of the 100 largest and most traded US companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. In addition to the financial sector, the index also includes companies from a number of sectors, such as commercial and investment banks. Non-financial sectors include retail, biotechnology, industry, technology, healthcare and more.

  2. An unorganized index consisting of 100 top domestic and international non-financial stocks listed on the stock exchange by market capitalization.

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Meanings of Nasdaq:
  1. National Association of Securities Dealers, Automated References to Computerized Systems for Trading Securities


Meanings of Index:
  1. Values ​​(prices, salaries, or other payments) are automatically linked to the prices of the price index.

  2. (Machine or machine part) or move from one predefined position to another to perform the operation sequence.

  3. Alphabetical lists of names, articles, etc. are usually references to their events at the end of the book.

  4. An indication, mark or measure of something.

  5. Extender or other subscripts or superscripts were added to the set.

  6. Indicates the instrument that measures the scale, and so does the intensity.

Sentences of Index
  1. List these lists under regional headings

  2. Legislation linking wages to prices

  3. Invert and pin the pins to occupy adjacent positions on the joint positions

  4. Clear cross references equipped with wide index

  5. There is evidence in this article that for any closed fold, the sum of the general vector field indexes is topologically invasive, that is, characteristic of an eller.

Synonyms of Index

finger, intimation, evidence, implication, marker, mark, clue, lead, sign, signal, guide, hand, suggestion, needle, hint, token, pointer, symptom, indication, indicator