Definition of Narrowcasting:

  1. Broadcast television programs to a relatively local or special audience, especially via cable.

  2. Send promotional messages or signs to a small geographic area or limited audience. Tight casting uses cable television, live mail, commercials, seminars, and keyword-based web ads. It aims to provide personalized advertising to potential recipients who serve them based on past demographic, psychological and shopping patterns. See also Broadcast, Multicast, Unicast, and Broadcast.

How to use Narrowcasting in a sentence?

  1. To ensure maximum sales in this area, we will launch our products in a specific area next week.
  2. Limited distribution is a technique used by our marketers which has proved to be effective due to the specific and unique taste of the region.
  3. If you really want to increase sales in a particular area, you can try limited distribution to get your message across.

Meaning of Narrowcasting & Narrowcasting Definition