Definition of Narrowcasting:

  1. The transmission of television programs, especially by cable, to a comparatively localized or specialist audience.

  2. Spreading an advertising message or signal over a small geographical area, or to a select group of audience. Narrowcasting uses cable television, direct mail, specialized trade publications, seminars, and keyword-associated web advertising. Its objective is to deliver custom-tailored ads based on demographic, psychographic, and past buying patterns to potential recipients who are predisposed to it. See also broadcasting, multicasting, unicasting, and widecasting.

How to use Narrowcasting in a sentence?

  1. We would be narrowcasting our product to a specific area over the next week to ensure sales in that area went up.
  2. The narrowcasting was a technique employed by our marketers which proved effective as tastes in the region were specific and unique.
  3. If you want to really get your sales up in a specific area you can try narrowcasting to get your message out to them.

Meaning of Narrowcasting & Narrowcasting Definition