Definition of Narcosis:

  1. State of stupor, arrested activity, or unconsciousness produced by the inhalation or ingestion of narcotic substances.

  2. A state of stupor, drowsiness, or unconsciousness produced by drugs.

Synonyms of Narcosis

Analgesia, Anesthesia, Callousness, Catalepsy, Coma, Deadness, Dullness, Electronarcosis, Encephalitis lethargica, High, Impassibility, Imperception, Imperceptiveness, Imperceptivity, Impercipience, Inconsiderateness, Insensibility, Insensibleness, Insensitiveness, Insensitivity, Insentience, Lethargy, Narcohypnosis, Narcolepsy, Narcoma, Narcotic stupor, Narcotization, Nod, Numbness, Obtuseness, Pins and needles, Sedation, Shock, Sleeping sickness, Sopor, Stupor, Swoon, Thanatosis, Thick skin, Trance, Unfeeling, Unfeelingness, Unperceptiveness, Lethargy, Torpidity, Sluggishness, Inertia, Inertness, Inactivity, Inaction, Dormancy, Slowness, Lifelessness, Dullness, Heaviness, Listlessness, Languor, Languidness, Stagnation, Laziness, Idleness, Indolence, Shiftlessness, Sloth, Slothfulness, Apathy, Accidie, Passivity, Weariness, Tiredness, Lassitude, Fatigue, Sleepiness, Drowsiness, Enervation, Somnolence, Narcosis

How to use Narcosis in a sentence?

  1. The patient was treated in prone position without narcosis.

Meaning of Narcosis & Narcosis Definition