Nanny In Japanese

Nanny In Japanese

Is there a word to describe a donkey's nanny? 3

Is there a proper term or way to say donkey nanny? Can you romance (use the English alphabet) if you know? With your uncle?

Nanny Anis has uba (ä¹³æ¯Â).

■■■■■■ milk means

Kindergarten teacher is Akoshi (²à  £)

Akoshi's wife is Bo (ä¿ ¯Â) ... she is not used as a flight attendant for the same reason.

Uncle is an Oji (ïççÂ,  "ç or  ° ˆ¶ ... same greetings, different meanings)

1 = Elder brother of parents and husband of elder sister

"¶ ¶ = parents' younger brother and younger sister's husband

بڑا ° ¶ (usually Ojisan) = big man who has no siblings.

Nanny In Japanese

Nanny In Japanese


Should be!

This also applies to male caregivers.

Nanny In Japanese