Nani Desu Ka

Nani Desu Ka

What is the difference in etiquette of Nan Deso? And Nanda?

The concept is social status. Wouldn't you say something? Someone who is taller than you socially. It's only for people who are socially inferior to you or have a close relationship with them, so you can talk to them that way. Even so, is your usual way of saying the same thing to someone socially like you a nanny?

It is an exaggeration to say that your appearance will tell the dog or puppies. You will say to someone who is socially inferior to you. Nande, on the other hand, you will tell someone that he is your social manager.

What is a polite way of non-deso? What is an informal way of saying Nan Da Yu (no midwife) with Ann? An informal form is desu (being) and yo as a surprise.

Desu da is a misspelled form, a lexical form.

Nan Deso is polite and Nan Da is calm.

The donkey uses the dictionary form not only for dogs or puppies, but also for friends, young men and women.

Using Masso Farm, your friends can feel the social distance between you and them and want to be close.

depending on.

So I suggest you first say that I think we are friends, so I want to be honest.

Pay attention to the tone of voice when using the dictionary, otherwise you will feel like you are looking for it.

Whether they were close friends or best friends like Takoro and Miko was a different story.

Or maybe Takoro is looking for Mko, as many older men look at women and accept women.

I haven't seen this cell phone yet.


Nanda is not formal.

Formal sleep

Nani Desu Ka