Meaning of NAMED (SPECIFIED) PERILS: The policy provides a specific risk for the claim, when the company agrees to compensate the insured, provided it is determined as the direct cause of the claim. (View AllRisk)

Literal Meanings of NAMED (SPECIFIED) PERILS


Meanings of NAMED:
  1. A word or a group of words referring to meeting, greeting, or something else.

  2. A celebrity.

  3. (In the UK) an insurance company affiliated with Lloyds Union.

  4. Tell her the name.

  5. Mention (quantity, time or location) as desired, suggested or decided.

  6. (Person or product) with family name.

Sentences of NAMED
  1. My name is John Parsons

  2. Big races will attract big names

  3. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  4. The club asked United to name a reward for the striker

  5. Special brand famous for special market

Synonyms of NAMED

tag, personage, known as, famous person, under the name of, celebutante, baptized, mogul, denomination, celebrity, by the name of, dignitary, person of note, luminary, VIP, big name, christened, designation, superstar, honorific, label, called, important person, title, leading light, star, worthy, epithet


Meanings of SPECIFIED:
  1. Recognize yourself clearly and vaguely.

Sentences of SPECIFIED
  1. The traitor promised elections but gave no date

Synonyms of SPECIFIED

itemize, define, cite, frame, identify, state, spell out, set out, draw up, set down, instance, particularize, designate, name, be specific about, describe, catalogue, list, detail, enumerate


Meanings of PERILS:
  1. A serious and imminent danger.

  2. threaten.

Sentences of PERILS
  1. You can hurt us both

  2. Jonathan lost his life for David

Synonyms of PERILS

danger, put on the line, menace, hazard, endanger, perilousness, imperil, put in jeopardy, put in danger, riskiness, expose to risk, threaten, put at risk, uncertainty, expose to danger, risk, insecurity, jeopardy, threat