Named Non-owner Coverage/policy (NNO)

Named Non-owner Coverage/policy (NNO),

What Does Named Non-owner Coverage/policy (NNO) Mean?

  1. Named Non-owner Coverage/policy (NNO) means:

Literal Meanings of Named Non-owner Coverage/policy (NNO)


Meanings of Named:
  1. A word or a group of words is used to know, greet, or refer to someone or something.

  2. A celebrity.

  3. (In the UK) an insurance company affiliated with Lloyds Union.

  4. Tell her the name.

  5. Mention (quantity, time or location) as desired, suggested or decided.

  6. (A person or product) with a family name.

Sentences of Named
  1. My name is John Parsons

  2. Big races will attract big names

  3. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  4. The club asked United to express their appreciation for the striker

  5. Special brand famous for special market

Synonyms of Named

under the name of, dignitary, honorific, big name, leading light, worthy, known as, called, star, celebrity, designation, mogul, famous person, baptized, superstar, important person, christened, by the name of, person of note, personage, celebutante, luminary


Meanings of Non:
  1. Express rejection or absence

  2. Neutral expresses negative connotations when correspondence with them has a specific meaning (e.g., inhuman or dehumanized).


Meanings of Owner:
  1. Who has something

Sentences of Owner
  1. Great dalmatian proud boss

Synonyms of Owner

mistress, master, landlady, holder, homeowner, proprietor, possessor, landlord, proprietress, keeper, freeholder


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something refers to something else or applies to something else.


Meanings of Policy:
  1. The practice or principle of action adopted or proposed by governments, parties, companies or individuals.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy administration

Synonyms of Policy

plans, system, position, approach, theory, stance, proposed action, scheme, strategy, programme, schedule, intentions, line, stratagem, code, notions, blueprint, attitude, guidelines