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Named Driver,

Named Driver Meanings:

You can define Named Driver as, Designated drivers are additional drivers who are covered by car insurance, such as a spouse or relative.

Driver whose name appears on the insurance policy and who does not have a vehicle. The aforementioned extra driver is a cheaper option than any driver insurance.

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Meanings of Named:
  1. say it.

  2. Describe (quantity, time or location) as desired, suggested or decided.

  3. A word or a group of words by which someone or something is known, addressed or referred to.

  4. A celebrity.

  5. (In the UK) An insurer that is part of the Lloyds Consortium.

  6. (An individual or product) with a familiar name.

Sentences of Named
  1. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  2. Club asks United to express its appreciation for the forwards

  3. My name is John Parsons

  4. The big race will attract big names

  5. Custom brands according to niche markets

Synonyms of Named

superstar, VIP, honorific, called, under the name of, title, star, celebrity, personage, celebutante, by the name of, label, important person, designation, christened, leading light, big name, denomination, person of note, known as, famous person, tag


Meanings of Driver:
  1. The person who drives the car.

  2. The wheel or other part of a mechanism that receives power directly and transfers movement to another part.

  3. A factor that reflects or develops a particular trend.

  4. A golf club with a face and a wooden head used to be used for swinging.

Sentences of Driver
  1. On the one hand all the drivers and rear wheels are balanced on one system and on the other hand they are the same for the other two points.

  2. The prospect of a monopoly becomes the real driving force behind investment

  3. If you hit 10 golf balls at the driving range with your driver, you will get an eighth shot or more.

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