Name Definition:

  • Name can be defined as, Members of Lloyds London Syndicate Users.

  • A simple definition of Name is: The only member of the Lloyds Society.

Meanings of Name

  1. Say

  2. Identify, suggest or decide according to your need (quantity, time or place)

  3. A word or a group of words by which an individual, animal, place or thing is known, addressed or referenced.

  4. A celebrity.

  5. (A person or commercial product) with a well-known name.

Sentences of Name

  1. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  2. Show image and name the prize.

  3. My name is Parsons, John Parsons

  4. As always, the big race attracts big names.

  5. Countless special brands adapted to market niches.

Synonyms of Name

famous person, label, honorific, title, personage, tag, superstar, dignitary, person of note, denomination, baptized, epithet, by the name of, known as, big name, important person, called, worthy, celebrity, mogul, celebutante, under the name of, VIP, leading light

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Field of work
Plural Of Roof
Public dumpster
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They are
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Games like breath of the wild
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Are Days Of The Week Capitalized
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Types of fabric
In it of itself
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Name means,

Subscribed members are members of the Lloyds of London Union.

Meanings of Name

  1. A word or group of words by which someone or something is known, addressed, or referenced.

  2. (In the UK) An insurer that is part of the Lloyds Consortium.

  3. (A person or product) with a familiar name.

Sentences of Name

  1. My name is John Parsons

  2. The big race will attract big names.

  3. The club asks United to appreciate the forwards.

  4. Customized brands according to niche markets.

Synonyms of Name

termed, megastar, big cheese, big noise, christened, naam, dubbed, styled, expert, term, anonym, big shot, appellative, entitle, somebody, christen, luminary, designation, authority, big fish, clepe


How To Define Name?

  • Name means: The policyholder is a member of the Lloyds of London Consortium.

Meanings of Name

  1. Describe (quantity, time, or location) as a desired, recommended, or decision.

Sentences of Name

  1. The big race will attract the biggest names.

  2. The club asks United to name their striker award.

  3. Custom brands according to specific markets

Synonyms of Name

allonym, denominate, described as, big gun, give a name to, appellation, entitled, big wheel, labelled, lion, cognomen, bigwig, moniker, handle