Naftalina Espanta Barata

Naftalina Espanta Barata

How do naphthalene pellets work to kill so cheaply? ۔

Mothballs are used to kill asbillig.

a) () is as cheap as I want. c) () and storage becomes vapor.

b) () Excellent d) () Dense.

Naphthalene doesn't kill you like it's cheap. Moth balls only suppress fear, cheap insects and so on.

How good is naphthalene, or does it make hair straightening or gauze without hair conditioning liquid !!!

Reply letter b)

This is called a good winter goal. I'm afraid to meet this Chew.

A naphthalene that is commonly used as a commercial chemical compound at low temperatures, or immediately, from the solid phase to the liquid phase vapor phase. Once the vapor or naphthalene phase hits the nervous system, cheap days will kill it. Or naphthalene is toxic to many animals (including or meme, when handling naphthalene with care), interestingly, one species of animal reaches large amounts of naphthalene with the intention of killing predators. Coupons, if available, do not contain naphthalene and do not use children's tickets as a target for chemical weapons. Large termites with unique naphthalene scent.

B) They are wonderful (translation: vapor !!!)


I liked the joke ...

Naftalina Espanta Barata