NAB Business Confidence Index

NAB Business Confidence Index,

Definition of NAB Business Confidence Index:

  1. The NAB Business Confidence Index is calculated on a net balance basis. This means that surveyed companies are asked whether there is a positive or negative outlook—the specific question is "Excluding normal seasonal changes, how do you expect business conditions facing your industry to change in the next three months?"—and the result calculated as positive less negative responses, which is the net balance.

  2. A tool that is used to assess the strength of businesses in Australia. This index is managed by the National Australia Bank, who publishes monthly and quarterly the result of business surveys carried out on Australian organizations and businesses. Hence, it acts as a useful tool for evaluating the overall economy of Australia.

  3. The NAB Business Confidence Index is a key measure of business confidence in Australia, published monthly and quarterly by National Australia Bank (NAB). It is a component of the bank's business survey, which covers hundreds of Australian companies to assess business conditions in the country. The index is closely watched to gauge the overall condition of the Australian economy. It has been published since 1997.

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