NAATI Australia

If you are an aspiring airline pilot, then you can enroll yourself in the NAATI course in Sydney. The first step that you have to take before joining this program is to complete the necessary requirements and get a copy of your pilot’s license from the appropriate authority. After that, it is just a matter of selecting the best school in Sydney, Australia to pursue your aviation dreams.

Primary Goal of this program

The primary goal of this air navigation school is to impart air navigation and flight management skills to students who aspire to become pilots. Through this program, students will be able to learn about preparing and scheduling, preflight planning, meteorology, weather reporting and even navigation basics. As a trainee, you will also learn how to fly an airplane using instruments such as the distance meter, compass, weather radar, and the autopilot system.

Classes offers

The school offers two different types of classes for first time learners. The first class that you will take is the Basics of Air Transportation (BAT) class. This class is designed for aspiring students who wish to start their careers as air navigation specialists.

It will give them the knowledge they need to read airline manuals, locate flying hazards, and keep themselves safe during emergency landings. The other class that you will take in NAATI is the Fundamentals of Air Navigation (FAN) class. This class will prepare students for the more advanced skills required for becoming an airline pilot.

NATTI Program structure

The program consists of two parts. The first part is the Basics of Air Transportation (BAT) course. This class provides students with the knowledge they need to become a pilot by providing them with information regarding the types of airplanes and helicopters that are used for passenger transportation. The second part of the program is the Fundamentals of Air Navigation (FAN) course. This class will introduce students to the more detailed information regarding air navigation.

BAT Course

During the BAT course, students will learn about the various types of planes and helicopters that are being used in passenger and cargo transportation. They will also learn about the safety regulations that must be followed when operating these types of aircraft. These regulations are in place to protect everyone on the airplanes and trucks.

Students will also be able to determine the right way to use a PDA, and how to navigate using a map. Aside from passenger transportation, they will also be able to go through a hands-on training that will allow them to fly an airplane and a helicopter during daylight or darkness.

FAN class

During the FAN class, students will be introduced to the basics of aviation mechanics and will be able to identify mechanical problems and malfunctioning parts of the plane. Apart from this, they will also learn how to troubleshoot using a checklist. When it comes to military pilot license (PML), students will be able to pass their examinations by proving that they have the right mental attitude and physical attributes.

This will also include the study of the theories of aerodynamics, pressure, drag and air density. After passing the course, students will receive their wings and will be able to immediately take their first solo flight.

NATTI Program benefits

The NAATI program allows students to progress through different stages within a program. The first stage consists of classroom lectures, hands-on practice using a simulator, as well as pilot training in an advanced aircraft. Once students complete this stage, they will receive their official airman certificate. The next stage includes a visit to a private pilot school where they will undergo training. The last stage involves a written final exam before receiving the PML.


For both beginner and advanced pilots, the program can provide a great way to learn how to maneuver an airplane as well as how to handle and complete various flight maneuver . It also provides students with the ability to gain practical skills for the safe and proper operation of a plane.

For students who are not licensed, or who currently are not licensed, the program is also a great way to receive training. The knowledge gained through the program will help them prepare for their license after learning on the job.