Can I use my TX car in NY?

Six months in Texas? You must obtain a Texas driving license with a Texas insurance company. The same is true of New York. So.) If you are driving in New York, make sure your New York insurance is correct and appropriate.

Yes, you can use your car in TX NY (unless you travel long distances). Do you live in TX until you have been in NY for more than 6 months? Your TX insurance has been good for a long time. License issued by NY. If you mean driving license then it applies to all 50 states ... then no problem. He moved to an address in Texas in 6 months within a year and everyone was happy. As soon as you live there you are a resident of Texas ... or there is your primary residence.

Going out or working is not a trivial matter. Your email was sent to TX, which is a long journey to check your mailbox.

Car insurance applies throughout the United States and is subject to various state laws. You can do whatever you want. This is too much direction.

Yes, there are rules. Ask in tt DMV agreement.

Ask your insurance agent about insurance.