Mysterious Disappearance (off Premises)

Mysterious Disappearance (off Premises),

What is Mysterious Disappearance (off Premises)?

An incident in which personal belongings were lost outside the locked house. Coverage is possible if the only possible explanation for this loss is theft.

Literal Meanings of Mysterious Disappearance (off Premises)


Meanings of Mysterious:
  1. It is difficult or impossible to understand, explain or identify.

Sentences of Mysterious
  1. The comrade mysteriously disappeared

Synonyms of Mysterious

puzzling, strange, peculiar, curious, funny, queer, odd, weird, bizarre, mystifying, inexplicable, baffling, perplexing, bewildering, confusing, uncanny, dark, impenetrable, incomprehensible, unexplainable, unfathomable, Delphic, sibylline, unaccountable


Meanings of Disappearance:
  1. An example or reality or something that is no longer visible.

Synonyms of Disappearance

vanishing, fading, fading away, melting away, passing from sight, receding from view


Meanings of Off:
  1. From the desired location or some distance away.

  2. Remove or separate

  3. End the journey or end the race

  4. Come back or be bullied.

  5. Stop malfunctioning (from a device or power supply).

  6. Access or ownership of tangible assets or property to a certain extent.

  7. Get down as fast as you can.

  8. Locating or traveling in a direction from (main road or intersection)

  9. To remove or separate from

  10. It is characterized by even worse performance or a feeling of dissatisfaction or inadequacy.

Sentences of Off
  1. The man ran away

  2. Take off his coat

  3. The gunmen walked away

  4. The Christmas party ended a very successful year

  5. Turn off the TV

  6. Are we bad enough to sell?

  7. Wrapped in bed

  8. Individual cable out of the main line

  9. Threats to break the occupation

  10. Even the best athletes have a few days off

Synonyms of Off

away, to a distance, from here, from there, rotten, bad, stale, mouldy, high, sour, rancid, turned, spoiled, putrid, putrescent, unfair, unjust, uncalled for, below the belt, unacceptable, unjustified, unjustifiable, unreasonable, unsatisfactory, unwarranted, unnecessary


Meanings of Premises:
  1. Houses or buildings that include land and dependents or are owned by a company or framed in a government context.

Sentences of Premises
  1. Office building

Synonyms of Premises

building, buildings, property, site, establishment, office, place