Definition of Myspace:

  1. A social networking site that allows users to create web pages to interact with other users. Service users can blog, upload videos and photos, and create profiles to showcase their interests and abilities. MySpace allows users to make new friends and keep in touch with people around the world. The site has grown rapidly since its inception in 2003, and has even begun the careers of some musicians and actors. The site has been criticized by reviewers who believe that some users are using the service to track and attack other users. To address this issue, MySpace has developed a privacy setting that allows users to specify who wants to view their profile and personal information. In 2005, the site was purchased by Rupert Murdoch News Corp. and operated by Fox Interactive Media.

How to use Myspace in a sentence?

  1. MySpace is a pioneer and trendsetter. In fact, many groups still use the site today.
  2. MySpace was huge at the time, but Facebook took over and MySpace was almost forgotten.
  3. Local MySpace users are finally migrating to new social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which has caused the once-successful network to shrink.

Meaning of Myspace & Myspace Definition


Social networking site and mobile app with a focus on music. It was the most visited social network in the world from 2005 to 2008 when it was overtaken by Facebook.