Myers-briggs Type Indicator

Myers-briggs Type Indicator,

How To Define Myers-briggs Type Indicator?

Myers-briggs Type Indicator can be defined as, (MBTI) A psychological questionnaire or personality test in which people answer questions about themselves and help identify personal strengths and behavioral / behavioral preferences. Observe the model and personality style.

Literal Meanings of Myers-briggs Type Indicator


Meanings of Type:
  1. Types of people or things with common characteristics.

  2. People, objects or events are considered to represent one type.

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Sentences of Type
  1. Blood type

  2. The prices of at least six common cancers, nationwide, are related to the consumption of animal-derived food.

  3. Nutritionists and fitness professionals have developed a comprehensive fruit-based dictionary to describe common body types.

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  11. NP files are the most commonly used type and are easy to implement.

Synonyms of Type

race, breed, family, genre, order, avatar, classification, paradigm, category, letters, personification, class, essence, face, characters, individual, sort, lettering, group, genus, model, strain, embodiment, bracket, pattern


Meanings of Indicator:
  1. Something, especially a trend or reality, that indicates the status or level of something.

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Sentences of Indicator
  1. The results suggest that the frequency of publication of financial reports may be an indicator of economic performance.

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  3. The most reliable measure is the global index, which is an indicator of the overall level of stress.

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  5. Sperm morphology, size and shape are important indicators of fertility.

  6. As many have said, the condition of a country's prisons is an important indicator of its level of civilization.

  7. We chose the level of education as an indicator of socio-economic status.

Synonyms of Indicator

mark, barometer, scale, display, index, dial, gauge, sign, signal, measuring instrument, measuring device, measure