Can my employer legally stop accepting my call at work? ۔

I need a break from work and am trying to get someone to work for me. dy will work. I talked to my manager / planner and he knew I needed a break, but he told me I needed to find coverage for my shift. Since I couldn't find anyone, I decided to call. I called 8 hours before the shift ended. When I called, they said they would end my call and if I didn't go to work, they would fire me. "If I call, they won't go," he said. Can you legally try the call? I told him I called for a family emergency and he said he would always call me back. Can you do that? How can I defend myself?

Unless there is a company policy that tells you a certain number of sick days and you haven't used them all, you can. This is not a good way to handle it, but since you do not have a job, it can be done legally.

They know you don't have an emergency because you told them you were trying to make time. You can choose to accept your weak ■■■■ legally and be fired legally.

If an emergency arises and you have paperwork to do, take it to your employer and he or she will be willing to work with you. That's not the point.

You already know that you are looking for time for some other reason (I doubt it because you want to get sick that day or have a family emergency). Now that you have said that your day is coming to an end, it seems really, really difficult.

If it's a real family emergency, ask if it's okay to call when you return to work with your doctor's (or other official's) note.

Of course, if you're just calling for a day off and you're not in a hurry, it's just the sun. You either go to work or you don't work and you face consequences.

Moins d'un contrat de travail specific, aux tats-Unis tenu de vous granter de maladie de jours de maladie or des jours d'urgens familiale, afin qu'ils puissent Only Voter Appeal Work Consider, un j. Our man you. Also, you can get caught trying to lie.

His first mistake is to ask for time and when he can't because he can't find a replacement, when he decides to call, he knows he's not sick.

So ... you missed it ... if you need a day off ... never, never ... let me know in advance, always call the patient the day you go out Want

There is nothing you can do, they know you are not sick and they know you want a day off.

You have the right to reset your call.

if you can. In fact, if you do not log in, you will be removed. Did they tell you what to do to take a day off or did you decide to call 911?



In the United States, unless you are in MT, work is advertising freedom. In the absence of union protection or collective bargaining agreements or employment contracts, you may be arrested for reasons other than a violation of the EEOC (a bad cause).

Calling is politics. They use it as they see fit.

If you are a union member, these questions can only be answered by your shop assistant and all of them should be included in your contract and you may have the right to appeal.

If you are not unified, your employer can do whatever he wants because he has no bargaining power to stop it.

seriously? Do you think that you can pretend to be sick and not react to them?

I don't think you can do it legally. There is not much you can do.