My Sunglasses Is Or Are

My Sunglasses Is Or Are

These are my sunglasses, these are my sunglasses, these are my sunglasses. What is correct in English? 3

My sunglasses or my glasses will be fine. The difference between this and tse is the distance from you. If you hold their hand or place yourself on the table on which they are sitting, this is what will happen. If there were sunglasses all over the room, they would be theirs.

These are my sunglasses. This is an example of a plural noun that does not have a singular form, such as B. Pants. Correct English, these are my pants.

You can also say that these are my glasses (pants). In this case, sunglasses or pants are subject to advance. The subject of the single article is complementary, or the verb will combine the singular forms of this and par.

You can't wear sunscreen, it has to be a pair of glasses because you have a pair of eyes. So it is important to say that single, in this case there is a dissertation ... the structure is correct. If they are sunglasses then they too can be considered as my glasses .....

Words like sunglasses, scissors, pants, etc. Cannot be used otherwise!

These are my sunglasses.

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Single: A convex lens that focuses on sunlight, which used to be.

Sunglasses: (also comfortable sunglasses)


[pl.] sunglasses with sunglasses that you wear to protect your eyes from the sun: sunglasses

These are my sunglasses, okay.

My Sunglasses Is Or Are