My Parents Disabled My Internet

My Parents Disabled My Internet

Parents turn off the Internet? 3

My parents turn off the internet every hour at midnight. I know he didn't do it manually because he was asleep at the time. What does it do, I can turn off the timer and they can't catch me?


My parents use a DLink router and I have access to an administrator account. and now?

This is done with the router settings or software on the computer.

Router (try it first) (maybe as they do):

If they do, you will not be able to access it or change its settings.

Corn ...

When you want to connect to a network, connect the network cable directly to the modem instead of using a router. Once this is done, simply plug the network cable back into the router and they won't know you've done it.


If they use Internet shutdown software, you will still be able to access the network by booting a different operating system, but it will appear that a different operating system has been installed. You can easily deactivate the software by searching the installation directory. Right-click> Properties> Security ... and check the box, then refuse to read and click Advanced to check the box that says Properties will be spread across all subfolders and files and The computer cannot run the program in any way. So once you've used it for ht, all you have to do is turn off the denial and pass the security features.

Install Keylogger on Master PC to get router password.

Great idea, but ...

But it will be much easier if you can just unplug the cable from the router and plug your PC directly into the modem, then plug it in again when you're done.

Also, the link provided by Piku will only work if your parents do not change it and if this is the default setting of your router. The router has a different default IP address for the configuration page. If you need to go to the settings page, you will need to get this information from Google. Find the IP address (router maker) and it will find your need, but as soon as possible, it will be easy to connect it directly to the modem.

Built in timer router.

You need a password to change the settings.

1. The password is on the router label.

2. Changed.


Click on it, you can come to the home screen.

Enter the following fields.

User> Administrator

Pword> Anything written on the sticker, if you don't know what the word is.


2.1 Restart the router, parents will be aware of this and an internet connection may be established.

2.1.1 Now the p on the sticker should match, but everything else can't work

2.2 Install keylogger on master PC to bring password to router.

2.2.1 Get Calgary only from trusted sites.

2.2.2 When getting P, use the link from and try to connect to the router.

Check and test the router model by default internet username / password.

My Parents Disabled My Internet

My Parents Disabled My Internet

Tie them and put them on your stomach while you sleep. When they wake up, feed them dirt until they tell you to turn off the timer.

Wow, I didn't even know I could put the internet on an automatic timer. ummm Google it, I'm sure you can find w to turn it off.

Ok i !!

My Parents Disabled My Internet