My Maserati Does 185

My Maserati Does 185

I sang a song with melodic melodies that I made 185. I lost my driver's license, I'm not driving anymore?

Life is good, Walsh.

I have a big house, forget it and

"I've never been there before," he said.

I live like this, tearing down the walls.

I have an accountant who pays for everything.

They say I'm crazy, but I'm having fun.

(Everyone says oh yes ... oh yes)

I'm just looking for clues about the scene.

Life has been good for me so far.

I am eighty-five years old.

I lost my driver's license, I don't drive anymore.

I have a lemon, I drive from behind.

I locked the door if it went wrong.

I have a record of success, my fans can't wait.

He wrote me a letter saying that I was very good.

So I bought a table, some gold notes on the wall.

Leave a message and I can call you.

Lok, I am healthy after everything.

(Everyone says I'm cool ... she's cool)

I can't complain, but sometimes I do anyway.

Life has been good for me so far.

I go to parties, sometimes up to 4 people.

It's hard to get out if you can't find the door.

It is difficult to manage this wealth and fame.

Everything is very different, I have not changed.

"I'm lazy, but I'm having fun," he says.

(Everyone says oh yes ... oh yes)

I always thought I never knew why.

Life has been good for me so far.

My destination is 185 characters.

Joe Walsh and Life have all been good, but seriously people are just a click away. I know every word of this song and I still play the guitar. I've seen the Eagles live three times and they usually let Joe do some of his performances and he does a lot. I also saw the James Gang in my early days.

Walsh is good in life, this is his solo work, he is the guitarist of Eagles and a band called James Gang.

My Maserati Does 185