My Dog's Stomach Is Gurgling Very Loudly

My Dog's Stomach Is Gurgling Very Loudly

My dog ​​had surgery this morning, his stomach is spinning a lot today, is it normal? 3

It's a little chubby. Some tumors were removed and spa treated. He is working normally and he ate today. He is also taking antibiotics. Well, that's when I noticed that his stomach was enlarged. I could hear them from three feet away. Is this normal?

I will call the doctor in the morning. Currently closed, so I can't call you right now.

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I thought you had gas now. I haven't heard a sound since I posted this.

And yes, all I gave him today was chicken.

My Dog's Stomach Is Gurgling Very Loudly

My Dog's Stomach Is Gurgling Very Loudly

Since there are often residual reactions to anesthesia, I feed it only soft, easy-to-digest foods. Eggs like boiled chicken or chopped eggs. Many dogs do not even want to eat immediately after an invasive surgery, such as neutering. Your doctor may have given you a tracking sheet or told you what to do with it. If he can go to the SP, try giving him yogurt, which is a prot اورg اور and tasteless natural product. As long as there is enough light this morning, I will wait and see.

PS: It's not uncommon for dogs to swell after intense pressure, such as surgery, so keep an eye out. Call the emergency number if you notice any symptoms such as bloating. If not, wait until your doctor's office opens and talk to them.

Add the FGS you need to continue giving you antibiotic support ... I don't know where this person is advising you to stop some of their reactions. Veterinarians train for years, and when I recognize the dangers of overuse, no one can give such advice!

According to Mama Boss ....

Alisha ... When you believe that AB can be abused and it is great to use natural remedies whenever possible ... Advising this cartel to stop taking antibiotics is totally outrageous and Is dangerous

Of course, some of his advice didn't help.

Stick to one thing. He is very busy. If you can, give it plain yogurt and it will help. Anesthesia slows down everything in the system and can disrupt your normal bowel movements for several days.

If you are eating normally and working out as usual, continue as you are. Now is the time if you are not behaving normally and not eating.

I wouldn't worry if he didn't have any signs of pain or discomfort. If so, take them to an emergency veterinarian. Usually, only digestive or noisy waste passes through the intestines.

Ask the doctor. For now, we can just wait and get it.

Hyperactive is a good sign. Even after surgery people are tested for it.

Good with your dog

My Dog's Stomach Is Gurgling Very Loudly