My Dog Needs Stitches But I Can T Afford It

My Dog Needs Stitches But I Can T Afford It

Is there a big cut on my dog's leg?!? 3

My dog ​​Duke cut the right side of his hind leg like three or two layers of skin, but I could not afford to go to the doctor. Can anyone tell me what I should do to avoid the pain?

Can I recover faster?

There is no commenting on why you should get a dog when you can't afford a doctor. I can't charge $ 300, so no rude comments. I love my dog I wish I had the money I really have.

So can anyone help me?

Oh, and we put penicillin on the left side, but the left cheek and leg are swollen.

He is a boxer and is on your right. Boxers have very thin skin.


Well, you can see the economy is useless. ***** Think seriously about (H). Must have a penicillin. And I don't know what happened to him, he's out there. Let people advise me not to lecture.

Wash the wound thoroughly. If there are residues on the wound, clean it and apply dilute hydrogen epoxide to kill bacteria and germs.

Once in the abdomen, you may even say that it is a muscle tear. You should see a veterinarian. If it is shallow, treat it as if you were in pain. If you have any type of electric shaver, trim all the hair around the cut to prevent it from getting into the cut. Clean it two to three times a day and let the dog lick the wound. Everything you put in it gets licked so I don't put anything in it. Keep it clean

See what you would do if you were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't see a doctor. Do your best and pray that everything goes well.

If you think you need a doctor, ask or borrow money from friends or family. Soing cell or soing ck. Make money on the go. Otherwise, there will be severe scars.

There is nothing you can do to keep your feet from getting infected. It was better to see a doctor now. If he is waiting, you should at least take him to the doctor if the wound is red, swollen or runny, if it is hot, or if your dog is sick. Humanitarian companies may have cheap clinics that you can use. And if you can at least pay for the test, ask your veterinarian if he or she can prescribe you to be taken to a healthcare pharmacy. Many antibiotics are sold at Target, Walmart, many supermarkets, etc. $ 4 per prescription. Clean the wound once with a good disinfectant solution. After this initial cleaning, leave it alone until it returns. Repeated cleansing can delay healing. Neosporin will not hurt you if you apply it on your feet several times a day. Do not use the bandage as it may cause more damage and infection. And keep your dog indoors, unless you can get him dirty. And, first of all, it is very important to take her to the doctor immediately if the wound does not heal or worsens.

That's right- this dog needs a doctor. You can easily be affected. The infection can spread and he can get really sick and insane. Your veterinarian may also give you pain medication. If you have pets, especially dogs (and more accidents), you need emergencies and times like these. You need to take it to the doctor. I know Audi has a lot of money, but I always sacrifice myself for my pets. You have to find a way.

But if you really can't see the doctor ...

1) Stop bleeding

2) Singing along the edges of the wound, cutting the hair

3) Wipe the edges of the wound with damp gauze or cotton. Apply clean water on the wound and apply antiseptic ointment.

4) Cover the wound with some sterile goose pad and secure with tape. Wrap the ribbon around your legs, but do not overlap so that the ribbon sticks to your hair. This prevents the strip from slipping and loosening.

5) Check every few hours to see if your feet are swollen. If you have a feeling in the leg or have any doubt about the blood flow, loosen the dressing.

What helps for example !! Good i !!!

My Dog Needs Stitches But I Can T Afford It