My Dog Ate Chocolate 24 Hours Ago

My Dog Ate Chocolate 24 Hours Ago

My dog ​​ate crushed chocolate 14 hours ago. Are you sure now

It could be good. However, the toxic ingredient in chocolate is thebromine, stored in the liver ... and increases with each chocolate consumption, so it is important that chocolate is not eliminated.

Mother ,

He did not say how much he ate or what chocolate was used in his recipe. Of course, you know that chocolate can be a lie with dogs, especially dark chocolate.

Call a doctor, tell them everything you know, and follow their advice.

The best in L.

I once had a dog that ate the whole Easter rabbit, threw it away, and was in trouble for a day or two. After that, okay, I'll say yes.

I am not a veterinarian. I think like onions and garlic, chocolate also contains toxins that build up over time. The more they eat, the worse I can stand. You can't look inside yourself, so you can't tell if there's a long-term loss. When is the next doctor's visit scheduled?

Bad dog food

* Order by

* GS

* raisin

* Onions

* tomato

* Drinks that contain caffeine

* Garlic

* Macadamia nuts

* Bone stew (chicken, turkey, pork, beef)

* nuts

* Cellulite (sweetened in many chewing gum and sugar free cans)

You may have diarrhea. There is not enough pure chocolate for her in the factory, but it can definitely upset her stomach!

My Dog Ate Chocolate 24 Hours Ago

My Dog Ate Chocolate 24 Hours Ago

The tail is very poisonous to dogs because it can poison them. I suggest you give him plenty of water to drink and take him to the doctor.

He believes that when I was 2 years old, I left all my tricks or candy in the R and my dog ​​Venier ate them all. There are many and the dog is alive!

Okay, give it plenty of water, it's probably okay, if so, it's a different color than you should tell the doctor.

My Dog Ate Chocolate 24 Hours Ago