My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

My cat that has been missing for 2 months has not come to me. The story goes on ... please help me !? 3

My cat has been missing for 2 months. The next day I got a call from a neighbor who sent him to the garage. Neighbors provoked him and he fled.

Bite, thought it was my cat sitting right in front of my mission. I called him and wet his plate with food, but when I found out he ran under a nearby fence. He was always running when he did that.

This morning (around 2 o'clock I couldn't sleep because of the cat's worries) I cut it somewhere else. I went out to see where he was going and called out one by one that he saw me and jumped over the fence into his neighbors' yard.

At the last minute, I left the garage door open with her cat's apartment, food, water and garbage. But when I checked in this morning, the food was not touched.

What can I do to get my cat back? Help!


It is thermal. For your information

It also has a microchip.

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

You did the right thing by leaving the garage door open. If you want a scented trail, try to keep your luggage out on the patio.

Take a morning walk to pick up your cat (walking alone with a friend is usually not a good idea) and bring a can. Give your name if it appears.

Is your cat sick or ill? Can you get pregnant Sick cats can run away to find a place to rest, and pregnant cats often need to find shelter to give birth and raise their kittens.

Follow your cat if you can. Does it look like he's leaving? Did anyone else feed him? Can I see other cats?

Buy the cheapest dry dog ​​food bag you can find. Dog food has a strong odor. Distribute dry food in a light area so that your cat can be seen and observed during feeding time or in the morning. If your cat is interested in eating, you can try to set a human trap to catch it.

Talk to your neighborhood kids. They understand better than some things. I read the true story of a woman whose cat disappeared. The neighborhood is full of people who love skating. To bring her cat back, she donated one year to a local skate park. Three days later a young woman came to her house with her cat. Also, your kids are very fond of small animals, so they will definitely pay attention when they see the kitten.

Does your cat look thin when you look at it? Otherwise, he may be with another family that finds him and feeds him. Check to see if anyone has adopted the cat you found.

For example, I help. Sorry to hear that your cat is back, I can see you again!

I agree with almost all the answers given. I had the same problem with a 7 year old male cat. He was soon cast and suddenly did not want to be with me anymore. He contacted a family that was renting nearby. He moved in last month and was looking for alternatives for himself and me in the neighborhood. Lily, I have my number. I get calls 2-3 times a week when good people try to help him find me. She was also very thin, although I have food all the time and I feed her canned tuna a few times a week. I think he hated me for getting a new dog a few years ago and he won't forgive me. Hate, as others have written. Cats are like that. You are not a cat, you are a weaver ... let me take the shoes and bring them to me ... leave one there. Well, we need that.

It depends on what your conscience tells you. Do you think cats are better than your ears or you? At this point, you may feel that the cat has forgotten to invest in you, and for good reason. The question is, do you think this offer will keep the cat? Pets are very much like children and deserve the best from me. If you think you are the best supplier, I would say that the flea is telling you that the cat is yours now and you have invested in it. At least you can pay for what you spend. If his love of cats is really more than money, then I suggest he sue you if he wants his pet back. See if you're really willing to do whatever it takes to get your cat back. Otherwise, he does not want to. If you do not have enough time to get it back, I doubt you have enough time to use legal means to get it back. After all, if I want to do that, I keep the cat. Looks like you bought cat food and opened it generously.

Can your cat blame you for the breakup? Cats can have such annoyances that you won't believe it! I keep my cat in a nice cage once a week when I go on vacation. When I did the research, Kennel's employee said: Thanks for the feedback! This cat is one! My sweet big hug? If I didn't know better, I wouldn't know it was my cat! Deciding to come, he sobbed and leaned his back and even shot me when I surrounded him and picked him up! He knew she had left him there and was very unhappy with it. He finally got back to normal, but it took about a week. You can bet I never did!

I left her alone and asked a friend to see her every day. It's better, but I'm a little colder. In the end, he got what he wanted. I'm not canceling my vacation to be with her, but I'm taking her with me. She screamed all the time but at least we escaped the fear of separation.

Looks like your cat wants to come with me, but you're really sick. Do you know what trauma he went through? Try to spend as much time as possible outside. When you see them, call them by the name of the cute animal you use and shake your plate or lunch box. If you have a favorite toy or food that people like, try to attract them with it. Some cats can resist tuna. Store groceries and items in the garage. He may think that you have been severely punished.

If it takes a few weeks, you can try to seduce him or I have another suggestion. He laughed lightly. You can put your plate of food (or steamed tuna or boneless chicken) in a human trap and try to catch it. If you succeed, you have an angry kitten. Take them directly to the doctor for a checkup and consider a microchip. Tell your doctor what is happening and he can suggest ways to help you recover. Take it with you and keep it indoors. When you return to a familiar environment, the shells can return. Give him all the attention he can get, but leave him alone if he hides. Yellow Shell has agreed to return.

This is my best advice. I now!

Looks like he's got a new cast. Or if it's not a spa, you may have a cat hiding somewhere. Leave some food in the yard that does not feel closed and that is safe enough to control. If you save it, have fun and keep it. I now.

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

When my cat ran away, she basically did what her cat did ... now she's safe with me because we have a bowl of food, a bowl of water, toys, and a box made of boxes and blankets. A small shelter has been set up. Every morning, afternoon and every hour, we would check in and meet him with some other customers one morning! : D

A cat has a memory of two months, so unless you pay a little attention and notice it, it does not know that it is you. Has a husband and he left and he got scared and never came back so I am feeding him now but she will not let me go to her but I will bring her now, come back and drop one but she She can't walk with her kittens. Now I tell her sadly that she loves him, he has lost her and she doesn't want to visit me, her friend lives with her and It feeds. But he doesn't even want to see me, he lives in the nurse's apartment and we haven't fed him yet, maybe we'll put something to eat at the door for a few weeks and he'll come to you. Do not close the back door just to let it in.

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me

1. Do you believe this is your cat?

2. Maybe he doesn't love you anymore

3. Keep the garage door open

My Cat Ran Away And Won T Come To Me