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Mw3 Maps

Problems with the MW3 PS3 free map project? ۔

If you want to play online in the UK today, the following notification will appear.

Requires free downloadable content. Do you want to download it now?

I downloaded the game more than 5 times and tried to log in and I kept getting the same notifications.

I'm on PS3, downloaded two free map packs (summer / ground and terminal which I think are new) and installed. I rebooted a few times and downloaded the game and stored the maps from the XMB screen. I'm not an elite member (I don't know if it makes any difference) ... and since I downloaded the new update this issue has been fixed (I thought it was 1.14 Was, but I don't care). Today I played without any hassle, but now I can't play online.

Does anyone have the same problem? It was as if he hadn't picked up a packet of cards.

I lost 3 years from this problem. You need to do the following:

1. Check your MW3 code next to the box. Example: BLES (Europe) BLUS (USA)

2. Log in to PS3 with your username and check the selected country in the account information. It must match your case code. If it doesn't match, skip to Step 3.

3. Create a new user by going to PS3 left and then up.

4. Log in as a new user, then log in to the PlayStation Network, register and create a new account pointing to the correct country.

5. Try playing mw3 now and if you request the necessary downloadable content then check yes and select free drop 2 terminal package.

6. After installing the package, exit the game and login to PS3 with your real username and it should work like mine!


I have the answer! If you do not have an account in the UK, your downloads will not be available. To make it available, you'll need to create a new UK Dedicated Account. Once the charge is available, check very accurately. There will be several rounds after that. To do this, you need to check the code on the side of the hard drive case. Example: bles 012480. After recognizing the code, check the Doload file which contains the same code. Dishonest :)

Did you download the correct version? Check your direction

If so, the code Bliss 01428 is mine, so make sure the file you upload is right for you.

If you have already done so, please forgive me for not believing.

Hi guys, I have this problem and I'm in Australia!

By the way ... you know there's a BLES code in front of your mw3 code box ...

I have 01428. When downloading, make sure your BLES code matches the BLES download code.

Help people for example :)


I'm in the UK and I have exactly the same problem! It's painful but satisfying that what I have done affects everyone!

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