Definition of Mutual:

  1. (of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties toward the other or others.

  2. Held in common by two or more parties.

  3. Shared by more than one party or object with a common denominator. Chris and Becky have a mutual desire to have children one day..

Synonyms of Mutual

Reciprocal, Reciprocated, Requited, Returned, Give-and-take, Interchangeable, Interactive, Complementary, Correlative, Accessory, Accompanying, Associated, Attendant, Attending, Changeable, Coacting, Coactive, Coadjutant, Coadjuvant, Coefficient, Coincident, Collaborative, Collateral, Collective, Collectivist, Collectivistic, Collusive, Combined, Commensal, Common, Communal, Communalist, Communalistic, Communist, Communistic, Communitarian, Commutable, Commutative, Commutual, Complementary, Concerted, Concomitant, Concordant, Concurrent, Concurring, Conjoint, Conjunct, Connected, Conniving, Convertible, Cooperant, Cooperating, Cooperative, Correlative, Coupled, Ecumenic, Equal, Equalizing, Equivalent, Even, Exchanged, Fellow, General, Give-and-take, Harmonious, Harmonized, In common, Interactive, Interchangeable, Interchanged, Joined, Joint, Noncompetitive, Paired, Parallel, Permutable, Popular, Public, Reciprocal, Reciprocating, Reciprocative, Related, Respective, Retaliatory, Returnable, Shared, Simultaneous, Social, Socialistic, Societal, Standard, Swapped, Switched, Symbiotic, Synergetic, Synergic, Synergistic, Traded, Transposed, Twin, Two-way, Uncompetitive, United

How to use Mutual in a sentence?

  1. In a relationship everything from the desire for each other, to the desire to have children and how you want to raise them, and have mutual interest in most aspects.
  2. A partnership based on mutual respect and understanding.
  3. When two people work together they will try and come to a mutual decision that will work out best for both.
  4. I loved this girl a lot and it was great to tell her because I found out the feelings were mutual and we were both in love.
  5. We were introduced by a mutual friend.

Meaning of Mutual & Mutual Definition

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What is Mutual?

  • Your customers' property insurance.

  • An insurer owned by your policyholder.

  • Mutual definition is: An insurer owned by your policyholder.

Meanings of Mutual

  1. (Feelings or actions) is experienced by one or the other party through one or two parties.

  2. Organized with two or more parts.

Sentences of Mutual

  1. A friend introduced us


What is The Definition of Mutual?

  1. Mutual means: An insurance company that is provided by its customers.

  2. The definition of Mutual is: An insurance company managed by its policyholders.

  3. Mutual means, An insurance company managed by its policyholders.

Meanings of Mutual

  1. (Feelings or actions) Experience or practice in relation to one of two or more parties.

  2. Shared by two or more parties.

  3. Build cooperatives or insurance companies

Sentences of Mutual

  1. Life insurance is jointly owned by their policyholders.



  • Mutual means: An insurance company provided by its customers.

Meanings of Mutual

  1. (Feelings or actions) The experience or practice of one or more of the two parties in relation to or against the other.

Sentences of Mutual

  1. Life insurers are mutual and owned by policyholders.