Murray's Pomade Waves

Murray's Pomade Waves

Do you have curly hair with ■■■■ hair (men)? 3

Listen to me and listen to me carefully. You don't have to die. You do not need an Excel cover. These two things fix drowsiness and stop your scalp, cause dryness and make your head spin. It doesn't matter what the texture of your hair is, we can all have waves.

Here is the outline, very simple:

1. Keep your hair relatively tight and do not go for more than 2 weeks without cutting. You want your hair to be close to your scalp, but not too close. (More than a beard, but not enough to use a comb.)

2. Wash your hair in the bathroom every day (with shampoo, not soap).

3. Use a light hair oil such as chemo oil. It is good. All you need is a few drops. (That's why it comes in a small bottle.) Rub into your palms and then into your hair. This product allows your hair and scalp to breathe.

4. Get a nice hair brush with soft brussels sprouts and brush your hair! That is the key. You should brush your hair for at least 100 seconds a day. This is one of the reasons why you need a soft bristle brush. You want one of the wide square brushes you can find at any hairdresser's shop.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 Prepare the hair well. Once this is done, Step 4 works like magic. Brushing your hair 100 times a day is just to train your hair. He is there It's so easy that you have to train your hair.

If you follow this diet, your hair and scalp will stay healthy and you will get waves that make people dizzy. This will take a week or two, depending on how well you fit your diet. Since the waves are moving, you don't have to brush your hair again and again, but you can do it for a while, because you will be stuck in the mirror in amazement.

The problem with poetry and wavy hats is that they encourage bad shape, dryness and bad breath and force you to trust them. Also this line of wave caps in your head. Sure, you'll find waves with a ■■■ and wave cap, but they'll be boring and greasy. Use the prescribed diet to keep your hair soft, healthy and shiny. Warning: Women you don't know can touch your hair and say it's soft and silky.

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This page can help you.


Do you have curly hair with ■■■■ hair (men)?

Take a tissue and put it in warm water. Keep it on your head for a while until the towel cools down. Then apply a quarter of this amount to your hair. Then comb your hair in the direction of the desired curl. Remember to sleep at the door. By the way, Murray is not very good. 360 test.

After simulation and conditioning, remove a quarter size ■■■ and a po emulsion from your hand. Apply to hair in the direction of hair growth. Comb your hair with a wild boar bristle brush, protect your hair with a dough cloth. Leaving highlights for big waves. For example, works for you.

Get ■■■■ first and at least rub them into your hair using waves. Then comb your hair in the direction of the desired curl. Finally, wear a hat or lace dress as often as possible, e.g. B. When sleeping or wearing a hat. Repeat daily for 3 weeks.

Murray's Pomade Waves

Murray's Pomade Waves

It helps when your hair is short. Wet the hair, brush with a hard Boer bristle brush, put it in and cover the hair with a towel.

I know it's weird, but for me it depends on what I'm wearing. If you have been wearing a skirt / shirt for a long time, this is fine. Very common in everyday life, I think girls with waves are more beautiful, they look beautiful :) (I don't know why I think)

Murray's Pomade Waves