Murphy Bed Ikea

How to Build Murphy Bed Ikea

We have a spare bedroom that is long, but also fairly narrow. With a queen bed there wasn’t much space for anything else, but we wanted to make the room more multi-functional. The obvious solution was a murphy bed.

We spoke to some of the local suppliers, and for a basic murphy bed and cabinet with no additional storage space the price would have been about $3,500. That’s a little steep, but the bigger problem is that we didn’t like the style of any of them.

I’d seen two ikea hacks that used Pax cabinets with a murphy bed kit:

Neither of those were what we were looking for either, but they inspired me to try something similar with some tweaks.

Step 1: Two Pax Wardrobes

Two Ikea Pax 100x236 Wardrobes spaced about 172cm apart.
If I were doing it again, I would probably increase the spacing to 180cm, just to get a few more inches clearance.

Step 2: Assemble and Install the Bed Mechanism

After some searching online I decided to use the Next Bed kit for the murphy bed hardware.

Here it’s shown assembled and installed. It rests on the floor, and is attached to the wall at the baseboard level with 8 screws.

Just for reference, the mattress is a 12" pillowtop, with a mattresspad on top of that. It’s currently set up so that it’s tight to the wall, but there’s enough clearance that I move the bed further out from the wall to hang a picture on there.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of the Next Bed kit, and would recommend it to anyone. The instructions are clear, and they have several helpful assembly videos available online as well.

Step 3: The Bottom Section

I did the bottom section in 2 parts.

There is a reinforced L-section that gets screwed into the warddrobes.
Then a cover gets screwed on top of that. The exposed edge gets hidden by the track for the sliding doors.

The material for this comes from cutting up a third Pax wardrobe.

This doesn’t take much load, but I made it fairly strong because I didn’t want it to break if someone stepped on it or kicked it.

Step 4: The Lower Track

Each track is about 198cm. The total width of my assembly is only about 372mm, so I shortened each track by about 12cm using a dremmel and hacksaw.

The lower tracks are notched for the sides of the wardrobes, but since I wasn’t using standard dimensions I had to cut an extra notch with the dremmel.

Step 5: Assemble the Top Section

This is the top section, showing the underside and the top.

The material for this comes from cutting up a third Pax wardrobe.

The “fingers” are there so that after it was lifted up it would hold itself in place.

Once it’s in place there’s no way to run cabling, so all of the lighting had to be installed first.

After it was in place I added a stiffener at the front, because it was flexing a bit too much under the weight of the doors. Refer to “Step 11: Lessons learned” for some more details on that.

Step 6: Install the Top Section

The top section is lifted into place, and is supported by “fingers.” I then connected it to the wardrobes with screws.

I ran an extension cord from the left wardrobe to provide a power connection in the right wardrobe. This had to be done before the top section was in place.

Step 7: The Upper Track

Each track is about 198cm. The total width of my assembly is only about 372mm, so I shortened each track by about 12cm using a dremmel and hacksaw. The plastic piece is easy to remove, and then I re-drilled new holes on the shortened track and moved the plastic piece over.

Step 8: Joining the Track

Ikea tracks are not meant to be connected together (usually they’re too short for that to work).

But the Ikea hardware still does a pretty good job of joining them together.

I used pieces of an aluminum can as a shim to get the alignment just right. When the doors cross the joint there’s a little bump, but they roll very smoothly.

Step 9: Little Details

I replaced the switch from an ikea ansluta power supply with a pushbutton switch that I ordered from ebay. I ran the wires in the through the bottom instead of the sides, and then mounted it on the sidewall to control the overhead lights.

One of the Pax wardrobes was in front of an electrical outlet. I cut a rough opening in the back panel, and then finished that by gluing on a typical coverplate.

image image

Step 10: All Done!

After that you just follow Ikea’s instruction for installing the doors, and then you’re done!


3 Ikea Pax 100x236 wardrobes (1 was cut up and used for materials)
2 sets Ikea Pax Lyngdal 200x236 sliding doors
1 set Ikea Inreda LED spotlight
2 Ikea Inreda LED light strips

Ikea Cost: $1,010
(we waited until Ikea had a Bedroom event. We bought the Pax stuff, got $150 gift card back, and then used that to buy the lighting)

1 Next Bed Murphy Bed hardware kit
Lots of 2" and 1-1/4" particle board screws (different lengths depending on the type of join)
1 roll of dark-brown cabinet edging tape.

Total Cost: $1,650
Total Width: approx. 372cm (12’-2")

From start to finish the project took about 1 week - that was one solid saturday of work, with everything else done in the evenings.

For the most part all of the work was done by one person, but there were a few steps were a second set of hands was needed: initially assembling the Pax wardrobes; lifting the top piece into place; and lifting the doors onto the rails.

Next step: buy new comforter cover.
image image

Step 11: Lessons Learned

As mentioned, I spaced the two wardrobes about 172cm apart. With the bedding and sliding doors installed this is a little bit tight. It’s still workable, but if I were doing it again it would be nice to have a bit more clearance so I would space them at 180cm, for a total overall width of 380cm.

Also, with the doors installed the weight causes the centre section to bow down a bit. The deflection is only a few mm, but it’s enough to throw the angle of the doors off. They stay on the tracks and move freely, but there’s a little gap at the bottom when they’re pushed together. This really isn’t a big deal, but the photo shows a stiffener that I added to the top section to lessen the bending. It is just one of the end cap channels that came with the sliding doors - I have two sets, but I only need one, so I cut down one of the spares and attached it.


Murphy Bed Ikea

If you are into a Scandinavian design like the Swedish influenced IKEA designs, you should check out this wall bed system, that has a dining table attached to the front.

It’s very well designed, and the finish of the furniture is just over the top. It’s made to fit well with the typical white lines of Swedish designs, and it will look good in most clean and minimalistic homes.

Murphy Bed Ikea

This bed system, however, is not from IKEA, it is made by the Italian design company called Clei. They specialize in high-end design for the modern home, and with a strong focus on space saving furniture. Which is why the wall bed series is very famous.

It’s a family company just like IKEA, and it is still run by the family who founded it many years ago.

Murphy Bed Ikea

If you happen to go to Scandinavia and stumble upon an IKEA store, you might be surprised to find, that the prices are actually a bit lower. The reason is that in Scandinavia you find plenty of minimalistic designs with strong lines, and the Ikea concept is branded as lower-middle-class furniture.


Murphy Bed Ikea

A spring or piston lifting device can cost twice as much as making a Murphy bed. The hardware removes the work from opening and closing, but if you agree to lose some of the benefits to save money, consider a Murphy bed Ikea bed. It is a process-free solution that makes it possible to create a custom Murphy bed for less money.

Murphy Bed Ikea

How will Murphy Bed Ikea close and open? The design relies on real old fashioned muscle strength. To help cope with some of the pressure, the bottom of the bed frame is rounded to the “rocker” edge which doubles the shelf when closed. Each lorry wall bed kit comes with building plans and assembly fittings (more than 200 hinges, screws, connectors and bolts!) Customers can choose from two types of beds: vertical or horizontal and three bed sizes: twin, full or queen.

DIY Murphy Bed for Mary Mortals

Murphy Bed Ikea

You know you’re just human. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make this DIY Murphy bed by Steve A Wood Working for Mere Mortals. He does projects for people with zero building experience and limited budget. To remove things, he bought a DIY kit from Murphy Bed Hardware. Just like before that kit we mentioned earlier, a lifting system for making furniture and bed frames plus all the components come together to combine the building plan.


Murphy beds are the ultimate space-savers. They neatly store themselves when not in use and can quickly turn your office or bonus room into a complete guest retreat. Finding an attractive Murphy bed within your budget just got easier,
When Daniel first viewed his current New York apartment, he recognized immediately what was in the space’s unique closet (also lead image above). He restored the original Murphy bed with the help of a Florida-based company that specializes in old-style versions, then lined the closet with stunning wallpaper and installed lighting to carve out a calming respite.


Murphy Bed Ikea?


Murphy Bed Ikea?
A brand-new Murphy bed can surely cost more than $3,000. The thing is, we imagine furniture

that makes the most of your square footage should not have a hefty price tag. That’s why we produced this list of 12 DIY Murphy bed projects that will not torpedo your bank account.

DIY Murphy Bed for Small Spaces

Matt and his spouse Jacque from The DIY Village made a Murphy bed for their workroom so it could grow as a guest room. Depending on your budget you can use wood, plywood, MDF or particle board to construct a Murphy Bed. Matt and Jacque picked PureBond hardwood plywood. They say the professional grade building material enhanced the strength and beauty of their finished project. PureBond products are also formaldehyde-free and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The couple’s tutorial includes more need to know tips.

Build Murphy Bed for Cheap

A spring or piston lifting device could more than double the cost of building a Murphy bed. The hardware takes the work out of opening and closing but if you’re willing to lose a little convenience to save money consider the Lori Wall bedsit. It’s a mechanism-free resolution that does it possible to make a custom Murphy bed for less money.

How does the Lori Wall Bed close and open? The design relies on real old fashion muscle strength. To help counterbalance some of the pressure, the bottom of the bed frame has rounded “rocker” edges that double as shelving when closed. Each Lori wall bed kit comes with building plans and assembly fittings (more than 200 hinges, screws, connectors, and bolts!) Customers can pick from two types of bed orientations: vertical or horizontal, and three different bed sizes: twin, full or queen.


DIY Murphy Bed for Mere Mortals

You know you are only human. But that doesn’t imply you can not build this DIY Murphy bed by Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. He does projects for folks with zero building experience and limited budgets . To kick things off, he bought a DIY kit from Murphy Bed Hardware. Just like the kit we stated earlier, it comes with all the material to assemble a lifting mechanism plus building plans for constructing the furniture and bed frame.

DIY This Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed office combo by Katie. Katie designed a one-of-a-kind furniture arrangement that involves the desk and the bookcases. The frosting on the block is the bed cabinet. When closed it matches a storage wall so those not in the know would never guess it conceals a mattress.
This IKEA Murphy Bed

Paul from Old Houses and Renovations was excited to build his DIY Murphy bed using items from IKEA’s PAX group after his wife saw this IKEA hack from Herbie’s World and this IKEA hack of Jerry’s Projects.

All three projects incorporated a floor mounted bed frame with a spring device from Murphy Bed Frame. When compiled and installed it’s an all-in-one free-standing project that supports, lifts and lowers a mattress.

Hack A PAX Murphy Bed

Here’s different DIY Murphy bed that’s including a PAX IKEA hack. Norwegian blogger, Calvin Gross from Husqvarna, says if you’re making a system for a full-sized mattress you will need various things including two PAX wardrobe frames and a couple of LURÖY slatted bed bases.

Build a Transforming Sofa Murphy Bed

This money-saving DIY by Avalon Awaked (Imgur user) demonstrates how to make one for a heck of a lot less. The ottoman and sofa are from IKEA’s SÖDERHAMN series. To explain the DIY process, he purchased The Next Bed. It’s a Murphy bed mattress frame with a lifting mechanism that you can anchor to a wall or floor that’s easy to assemble. Keep in mind, Avalon created a custom mount for the bed frame so it would open over the sofa. Afterward, he made a Murphy bed cabinet with built-in storage using white melamine.

How to Build a Basic Murphy Bed

This design by David Picciuto at Make Something TV shows how to make a simple Murphy bed using Side Mount Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware from Rockler. Each kit includes instructions, but if you find them confusing, David’s video gives an overview of the steps.


Murphy Bed Ikea?
Create a Murphy Bed Fit For a Kid

Need to make room for your children? Martin Vester used leftover pieces from an IKEA Ivar storage system to build a small Murphy bed with built-in shelving for his tiny home office. What’s our favorite part of this project? Martin used three of the plywood shelves to create a bench for sheets and blankets. Take a peek at the tutorial.

Build a Disappearing Murphy Bed

Many Murphy beds are freestanding items of furniture

that you bolt to floor or the wall. The blogging sisters behind Junk in Their Trunk, share how to build one that disappears like magic without using an expensive lifting mechanism. Junk in Their Trunk shares photos and tips of their DIY for free here.

Faux Murphy Bed for Tiny Spaces

Crystal Odom and Andrew are the small house residents behind Tiny Revolution, a site that supports tiny space living. Since they couldn’t fit a regular Murp


Murphy Bed Ikea?
Sometimes necessity really is the mother of invention. At least, such was the case with the Murphy bed, the iconic cot that folds up inside a cabinet. According to Smithsonian Magazine, legend has it that the Murphy bed was invented around 1900 by William Lawrence Murphy, who at the time was living in a one-room flat in San Francisco. He was also falling for a young opera singer, but rules of decorum dictated that ladies couldn’t visit gentlemen’s bedrooms. Murphy solved that problem by inventing a bed that could be quickly tucked away, converting his sleeping chamber into a proper parlor suitable for his songbird.

Murphy Bed Ikea?

Murphy went on to marry his sweetheart, and America fell just as hard for his invention. They’re the perfect solution for those of us with tiny houses or the need for small space ideas, offering a place for overnight guests to sleep that doesn’t take up precious floor space (especially if you don’t have a guest room but just a home office, for example). Murphy beds have surged in popularity in the last decade or so, and there are now plans available that include shelving units, desks and other nifty, stylish adaptations. Whether you’re looking for a DIY Murphy bed tutorial to save some money, or purchase one complete, take a look at the creative Murphy bed options below.


Murphy Bed Ikea? I researched ways to cut down costs without compromising the design I had in mind. I chanced upon Herbie’s World, a timely blog that provided detailed information on how to put up a Murphy Bed frame with IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinets.

The cabinet’s size is about right for the Murphy Bed frame. However, adjustments are needed to be made to fit in a Queen size bed. After meticulously reading Herbie’s article, I decided to adopt Herbie’s design with a few tweaks to give room for additional shelves for beddings.
murphy bed in front room

Murphy Bed Ikea? A Murphy Bed Frame with cabinets would have cost me between $2,500 and $3,000. With DIY, I saved close to $700. Also, with IKEA’s wide range of products and accessories, I was able to adjust the design to my liking.
After repainting the guest room, I started assembling the two wardrobe cabinets. Then I secured one cabinet to the wall with heavy-duty wall anchors.

[Murphy Bed Ikea? Next, I attached a 3/4” woodblock spacer at the top portion at the back of the cabinet to vertically align it with the floor molding. The remaining cabinets were secured only after the doors were installed.


Murphy Bed Ikea? Now, onto the center cabinet installation. Accurate measurement is a must!! To do that, lay the four doors on the floor with cardboard spacers in place.

I installed the doors to the end of each frame-side panels at 90 degrees angle.

Then, I started measuring the interior width from one end of the side panel to the other (77-3/32″).
person in IKEA warehouse

Next up is the support box. Secure the four sections of melamine shelves to the vinyl studs with screws. Adjust the length of the studs with a miter saw and sand the edges before using them.

Remember, the width of the shelves must match the depth of the cabinet which is approximately 23”. Use a band saw to cut ½” off (length-wise) one shelf.

Murphy Bed Ikea? It’s time to assemble and install the top support box. Drill holes on each side of the top support box to affix it to the center frame.

When you’re done bolting (use #10 x 1-1/2″ bolts provided by IKEA) the three corners of the center frame, lift it vertically (you will need an extra hand here).

Then, use another bolt to attach the center frame to the wardrobe side cabinets.
To ensure the stability of bi-fold doors, you need to add more hinges. I used seven per door while Herbie mounted six hinges.


Lay the bi-fold doors flat on the floor, place cardboard spacers and attach the piano hinges.
[Murphy Bed Ikea?]
Next, attach the doors to the pre-drilled holes. Using a 35mm Forstner drill bit, drill four more hinge cups (European), then change to #10 drill bit to drill two holes on the sides of the cup.

Mount the second set of bi-fold doors. Repeat the installation steps above. Since my measurement was accurate, the doors aligned perfectly with a 1/8” gap that leaves enough room for adjustment after mounting the doors.

Attach the two glass doors, Komplement cabinet accessories (shelves, drawers and clothes hangers), and door handles.

Now that the cabinets are done, it’s time to assemble the Murphy Bed Frame. Install the wall mount bracket by drilling #10 x 3″ lag bolts into the wall studs.

Next, assemble the foot retraction mechanism and carefully attach the 10 springs.

Time to lay down the IKEA Fidjetun mattress. The bed foundation is not as sturdy as I expected.

It’s made of a pine wood frame, thin corrugated cardboard, and a stapled on the quilted cover. Since I do not have the energy to build one made of plywood, this will do for now.

Murphy Bed Ikea? Murphy Bed Ikea? Fabricate the toe-kick panel from the leftover melamine shelf. I used wood dowels to glue the parts together and lined the dowels using a dowel kit and dowel press. To adjoin the toe-kick panel and side kick panel, I used an “L” brace on both ends.

Install a magnetic door latch to firmly close the doors and you’re all done!
I’m happy with the way this project turned out because it didn’t cost me a fortune to build a wonderful wall bed with cabinets. Our guest room’s new look makes me a proud DIYer.

If you’re planning to construct a Murphy Bed with IKEA cabinets on your own, make sure to research first and carefully read installation instructions.

There are plenty of DIY blogs and videos that will give you fresh ideas and helpful tips so do check them out before green-lighting your project.


Murphy Bed Desk Combo

Murphy Bed Ikea? Loving on this Murphy bed desk combo by ‘Addicted 2 DIY‘, because it’s exactly what we need… Office space that can double as a guest room, and this space saving bed makes it totally possible. And, it looks like something you hired a pro carpenter to make it for you, or that you spent thousands buying it. She has complete DIY Murphy bed plans, and directions for building the desk as well.

Fold Up Wall Bed

‘Wilkerdos‘ have a full DIY Murphy bed video for you for their version of this folding wall bed. We love the way they painted the underside of the bed, so that when it is up, is still looks like an attractive piece of furniture in the room.

DIY Murphy Beds - Space Saving Beds We All Need

Hidden Wall Bed

Murphy Bed Ikea? This DIY Murphy bed is hidden behind a desk and bookshelf! From ‘Lamberts Lately‘, you would never guess that once you fold up the Murphy style craft desk, that you can fold down a wall bed! If you have kids, storage issues, or a very small room you need to fit both a home office and a guest space, this is the tutorial for you.

Murphy Bunk Beds

Need room for kids? ‘DIY Network‘ shows us step by step how to build a DIY Murphy bunk bed. If you have several kids, you know that this is almost like getting an extra room built onto your house!


DIY Murphy beds-3
Murphy Bed Ikea? Apartment Therapy‘ brought to our attention that adding a double Murphy bed might just allow an expanding family to avoid buying a larger, more expensive home. Therefore, it might be worth the expense, even if you don’t want to DIY it. This one from ‘Casa Kids‘ looks as if it would definitely stand the test of time, and might warrant it’s price tag
Cheap Murphy Bed

We LOVE ‘Ana White’… she has more building plans and tutorials for DIY’ers then anyone we know, and they are free! One of her readers shared their version of her rustic DIY full size Murphy bed, and it looks great! Just goes to show, DIY Murphy beds are in a DIY’ers capabilities.

DIY Twin Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed Ikea? In a small space, sometimes thinking creatively can solve a ton of problems… If you don’t have enough room for a large guest bed, then make this twin Murphy bed (twice!) From ‘Reno Semi Pros‘, this is a great space saving bed for kids, guests, or teens. Tons of step by step photos and instructions. They saved tons of money by using ordinary hardware, but you can order a Murphy bed kit as well.
The Awesome Orange‘ made these twin size wall beds out of plywood, and they have a floating shelf on the exterior for making the piece look like a built in when not in use.


DIY Murphy Bed Ikea Hacks

Murphy Bed Ikea? From ‘IkeaHackers‘, this murphy bed Ikea hack is designed to fit into a closet. Made from Ikea Pax cabinets, the tutorial has photos to show you just how they made this DIY wall bed.

Murphy Bed Ikea Hack

This next DIY murphy bed Ikea hack comes to us from ‘Instructables‘. This one also uses the Pax cabinets from Ikea, except we loved how they used the frosted glass sliding doors for this one. Good tutorial with great photos.

Murphy Bed Ikea Hack

Murphy Bed Ikea? If you love modern, you’re gonna love this murphy bed Ikea hack. Although it is not really a total Ikea hack, as they use parts from Ikea and other hardware parts as well. The Moddi DIY Murphy Bed’s plan and parts list includes only parts that you can buy from the hardware store or IKEA. They also claim you can make the entire Murphy bed for under $275… That is a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. Google it, I’m serious. Their plan does cost $7.95, but that’s chump change compared to what it could save you. Also, it has this cool modern Murphy bed vibe we haven’t seen in any other plan? Love this!


DIY Murphy beds-8

Dog Murphy Beds

Yep, you can make one for your fur friends too!

Murphy Bed Ikea? From ‘Room for Tuesday‘, this dog Murphy bed DIY is awesome. You can have your pets, and you’re pretty house too! We love this idea for cats as well. When it’s folded up, it looks just like a console table.

From ‘The Created Home‘, this dog Murphy bed is made for either big dogs, or several at a time. And we just had to show you what it looks like when it’s not pulled out. Stunning piece of furniture. Get to it, dog lovers. Your pets deserve this! (And, so do you!)

Murphy Bed Kits for Sale

If you love the idea of a Murphy Bed, but don’t want to build one from scratch, you can order a kit from ‘Wayfair‘. We like this “Dinah Murphy Bed” because it comes with attached bookshelves! And, it looks great when it’s folded down as well. And, almost 150, five star reviews! You can get it in other finishes as well as other sizes.

There is quite an extensive selection of murphy beds at Wayfair.

Murphy Bed Ikea? If you enjoyed our post on space saving DIY Murphy Beds, you might also be interested in 9 Amazing DIY Bunk Beds or How to Reupholster Almost Anything! And find more cheap room decor ideas for your bedroom over at TBD!
Image Credits: Wilkerdoos, Your Modern Family, Refashionably Late, By Brittany Goldwyn, Addicted 2 DIY, Lamberts Lately, DIY Network, Casa Kids, Ana White, Reno Semi Pros, The Awesome Orange, Ikeahackers, Instructables, Moddi Murphy, Room for Tuesday, The Created Home


Matt and his spouse Jacque from The DIY Village made a Murphy bed for their workroom so it could grow as a guest room. Depending on your budget you can use wood, plywood, MDF or particle board to construct a Murphy Bed. Matt and Jacque picked PureBond hardwood plywood. They say the professional grade building material enhanced the strength and beauty of their finished project. PureBond products are also formaldehyde-free and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The couple’s tutorial includes more need to know tips.


Murphy Bed with IKEA Cabinets
Murphy Bed Ikea? My wife and I decided to re-do our guest room. We wanted our guests to have a comfortable Queen-size bed, and use the floor space for other activities. The solution… a Murphy Bed (folding wall bed). After a lot of research, we decided to purchase a free-standing Murphy Bed Frame. The frame features welded steel construction, simple spring mechanism, and moves independent of the cabinet. The other option, a Murphy Panel Bed, is more expensive and requires attachment to a factory-made cabinet. The frame and cabinet essentially become one mechanism.

To build our own cabinets, we turned first to IKEA furniture. The quality is very good, relatively inexpensive, and there are many accessories to choose from. Just by coincidence, I found a wonderful blog (Herbie’s World) that detailed construction using a Murphy Bed Frame and IKEA cabinets. Exactly what we were looking for. Herbie’s blog and photos convinced us the idea would really work. Murphy Bed Ikea? Thanks Herbie!

The design is based on standard IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinets. The cabinets are tall enough to enclose the Murphy Bed in the vertical position. However, to accommodate the width of a Queen-size bed (65" clearance), top and toe-kick panels are fabricated to extend a standard cabinet (1-door wide) to a “quadruple-wide” cabinet (4-doors wide); using stock Birkeland doors. That’s essentially the build. My fabrication follows Herbie’s design, except I strengthened the top panel. We wanted the center cabinet to support boxes (cloths, comforters, books, etc.).


Murphy Bed Ikea?
Because the center cabinet’s bi-fold doors are completely supported by the side panels (which are secured to the cabinets on each side), you don’t even need the center top panel. Here you can be creative with your own design.

Tools and Time Required

This is an intermediate woodworking project that will require 5-6 days to complete. You must be comfortable using a miter saw, and either a band saw or table saw (preferable). Also, you’ll need an electric drill, various drill bits (including 19mm and 35mm Forstner bits), hammer, screw driver, various clamps, and measuring tools. I also purchased an inexpensive wood dowel kit to fabricate the toe-kick panel.

A similar system (Murphy Bed Frame, raised door cabinets, and side bookshelves) would cost $2,299.00. Build-it-yourself and save approx. $650.00. Plus, the IKEA PAX system offers real wardrobe cabinets, glass doors, and many accessories that will delight your better half.

Murphy Bed Ikea?
We purchased an IKEA Queen-size Sultan Fidjetun memory foam mattress (001.398.32)… $249.00. The mattress is quite comfortable and won’t collapse in the vertical position. Box springs are not needed. Update… we recently added a 1-1/2" memory foam topper (from Kolhs) for ultimate comfort.

We decided not to purchase lights. We used a free-standing floor lamp that fits inside the cabinet.


Murphy Bed Ikea?
If you have a condominium, apartment, or house, you may want to conserve your floor space. A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is the perfect way to take your space from night to day with ease. This is also a great way to utilize a loft space so that it feels private and yet maintains the open floor plan. With a wall bed or Murphy bed, nobody will feel like they are intruding, because the bedroom aspect of the loft space will not be visible.

Guest Room
Many people want to have the option to have a guest room but do not want to devote an entire room to guest use. A futon is also an unattractive option, as they are generally uncomfortable and you do not want to choose a couch based on its trans-formative qualities. A wall bed is a perfect alternative! Easily stored when not in use, wall beds are comfortable and make for the perfect guest bed.

Spend a lot of time where you work? Why not install a bed space that can be utilized when you have a long night? Wall beds are a convenient way to preserve a professional environment and avoid hotels.

Murphy Bed Ikea? Different Types of Wall Beds & Custom Murphy Beds in Toronto
We install Murphy beds using authentic Murphy hardware in Toronto and throughout the GTA. All of our Murphy beds & wall beds are customized to your preference and space. Our wall beds feature steel frame rails and stiffeners. This panel bed system comes with a European-made, spring-loaded mechanism. We use the patented Murphy bed Legs that fold into the cabinet when closed. The finished cabinet attaches to wall studs and will accommodate a standard-sized coil mattress with a maximum depth of 10″. The cabinet is suitable for your choice of a double, queen or a single bed and upon special request, king-size versions can be constructed. Wall beds & Murphy beds are perfect for residential or commercial use in the city of Toronto or the GTA.

Our Experts Bring you Toronto Storage Solutions
We can customize your Murphy wall bed and integrate it with a home office, closet, bookcase, or other storage solutions. This will give you additional space to store bedding and pillows and other items.